Cloud Accounting: The Boat Keeping SME’s Afloat

According to the Office for National Statistics, only around 40 in 100 startups make it to the five-year mark. There are several reasons behind this; economic turbulence can slacken the strongest foundations, and even businesses with brilliant prospects are forced to close because they can’t source immediate capital. It happens every day. It’s rough out there, no doubt. But there is a way that SME owners can help themselves: cloud accounting. This essential resource can keep your business afloat in the short-term and help it thrive in the future. Here’s how… How traditional accounting holds your business back Businesses rarely have fluid, effective accounting solutions in place from day one. Number-crunching often finds itself at the bottom of the priority list, with financial ...


Invoices on hold – new feature introduced December 2017

We listen to customer feedback constantly, and one feature that was regularly being asked for was the ability to put invoices on hold - this has now been made available in Liquid and this article explains how it works and how you access it. Functionality brief: To set Purchase Invoices onHold and exclude them from Pay Invoices list A Check box has been added on the purchase invoice screen to set the invoice onHold. Just tick the box and the invoice is automatically set on Hold...     The invoices status will therefore show as OnHold on the invoice list screen for the customer...     Invoices will not appear on “Pay Invoices” list removing them from payment...     Trial balance now has the option to view report including or ...


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Investing In The Service Provided By Liquid Accounts

As a cloud accounting software provider, we’ve always strived to stay ahead of the curve. At times, this can demand significant changes, such as those that have occurred over 2017. We know that sometimes this can be unsettling and we want to assure you that recent developments have occurred with your interests at heart. In May 2017, Liquid Accounts gained new investors, who have since brought in several changes to improve the service we provide. Let us take an opportunity to shed light on the transitions we’ve been facilitating so far: New leaders, new insights   The introduction of new investors in May has brought a wealth of experience and industry knowledge into the business. With a background in accounting software spanning 30 ...


Cloud Convenience: Why Accounting Software Makes Your Life Easier

  The broad, distant form of the Cloud is now a permanent part of modern business parlance. Tens of thousands of apps, websites and software tools now run on this technology, and Gartners has predicted that the total net value for the Cloud sector will be up 18% from 2016 when the year is out. Unsurprisingly, some of the most pertinent uses of the Cloud revolve around your finances. For such an age-old issue – cash management, bookkeeping etc. – it’s refreshing to know that solutions exist to mitigate problems and wasted time. Here are some reasons why Cloud accounting software is an investment worth taking… Automated reconciliation It’s tough to match up your dates and payments cohesively with paper bank statements. Some ...


Business accounting – anxiety and how to beat it

With the new tax year well under way, here is why the smart money's on the forward planners: Running a business, and more specifically the accounts for a business, is a funny old thing - mention you work in relation to accounting, people tend to recoil, or ask for inside information to beat the system!  The thing is - inside information doesn't exist - all that the canny, self-employed person needs is to understand the system. But life as a business owner can be hectic and involve the wearing of many hats - HR expert, accountant, marketer, sales person - the list is endless.  So often the dry, intimidating areas of running a business, such as the accounting, get pushed to the ...