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Is Cloud Computing a Viable Option for Financial Management?

Cloud Computing, online software, and SaaS (software as a service) are just some of the buzz words for a variety of emerging trends for accessing and using software, and transferring and storing data that you may have heard about recently.  However, what you may not have realised is that rather than just another technological development, this is a disruptive technology which is destined to change the way we do things forever (think trains in the 19th Century), and (like spreadsheets before it) is about to become an essential tool for FDs and accountants.  Now then, is that ideal time to start finding out about and understanding what it can do for you and your company, so that you'll be ready ...


Recruitment in the Recession – Don’t forget new graduates and students

I'm currently looking for staff and have just interviewed a new graduate (who was on a report on Look North about graduates struggling to find jobs in the recession, and had just the sort of skills and degree I was looking for!) and I'm about to start interviews for 2 sandwich-placement students from Leeds Metropolitan University (as they too are struggling to find year-long placements as part of their course).  However, as we went through the same issues when we were starting out (incidentally in the last recession!) and know that we wouldn't be where we are today without that initial 'leg up' we make it a policy to try and help-out and nurture young talent as much as we ...


Liquid Accounts response to Yorkshire Forward’s Announcement of Super-Fast Broadband for South Yorkshire

This is a very exciting development both for the economy and business in Yorkshire as a whole, and also for the digital sector in Yorkshire (of which we are a part). It confirms the move towards online technology and the rise of Software as a Service/Cloud Computing - like Liquid Accounts - as the new, better way of doing things.  We offer easier, automated, cheaper and more efficient ways of running your business and keeping on top of our business finances (which is crucial in the current economic climate) and super-fast broadband guarantees that everyone can have access to this sort of software and the advantages it brings.   (Yorkshire Forward's own Benchmarking Study has identified that businesses are much more likely ...


Growth Businesses: Advice on Financial Management

What happens as you grow? Growing  your business is very exciting and there will be numerous challenges for you to face and numerous demands on your time and money - recruitment and staffing costs, marketing, premises, increasing sales, and more rules and regulations to comply with on employment law, HR, Health and Safety, pensions etc.  Number one on the list of issues to address though, should be managing your accounts: At the end of the day, it will be the money that dictates whether your new plans succeed or fail! Up until now you may have been able to get away with just doing enough bookkeeping and accounting to keep your accountant happy and so that you don't fall behind with your ...


Supporting Partner Charities

Sometime around Easter this year, I got a phone call out of the blue from Pam Thornes at The Laura Crane Trust (a Huddersfield-based charity that supports young people with cancer and funds research into the cancers that affect them) asking for my thoughts on a 'Calendar Girls-style' naked calendar.  Once, I'd managed get my heart out of my mouth, had picked my jaw up from the floor, and had realised that she wasn't asking ME to pose for a calendar, but was asking me if I'd be interested in SPONSORING  a calendar (featuring the Huddersfield Giants), I immediately said 'Yes!', as much out of relief as anything else! Fast forward to October and the completed calendar was launched at an ...


Liquid Accounts To Take The Lead on Cloud Computing

Liquid Accounts MD, Matt Holmes has been confirmed as the Chairman of a new Special Interest Group (SIG) on Cloud Computing for the Software Developers' Association, BASDA.  Matt was chosen for this role as a pioneer of online accounting software in the UK and because Liquid currently holds the award for Best Web-Hosted Accounting Software, as voted for by their customers in the Software Satisfaction Awards. David Turner of CODA was voted in as deputy chair. BASDA Director General, Jairo Rojas said, 'We are delighted with the response from several companies wanting to join forces with BASDA on this issue and in particular to Matt and Liquid Accounts for showing leadership in getting the group initiated. BASDA recognises the need to kick-start ...