We are continuously assessing feedback received from customers, and are pleased to advise that a number of requested changes have now been implemented in Liquid and are available for you to use, as follows:


Home Page layout for clients with multiple companies – the number of default companies displayed have increased from 3 to 10, making it easier to flip in and out of different companies. The search bar is still present but has been made larger for easier use (forgive the blurred image, this is to anonymise the data in the screen).

Batch Transaction Entry Speed – we have implemented some design changes to allow a straight line tab sequence when entering data on Batch Transaction screen:

  • Calendar Popup on date field no longer shows blank
  • Ability to change the vat code with the up/down keys.
  • Ability to change Nominal account with the up/down keys



Drill Down on Budget report for Merge Account  now includes the transactions in all sub-accounts


Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports now show up to 5 levels on merge accounts



The drilldown report has been expanded to include the following:

  • Nominal Account of merge account – previously you were required to come out of this account and go to the base account to otain such information
  • An amend link: For Just-in time correction on transactions showing on the report



Journal entry

  • We have implemented some design changes to allow a straight line tab sequence when entering Journals
  • A date mask editor is added to show date format
  • The mask editor will also auto complete date in the current year by entering the day/month combination. E.g. 0901 and tab becomes 09/01/2018
  • You can now add more journal entries to an already posted journal, only the new lines will be posted to the transaction file


These changes are now available in Liquid (new generation) – if you are not using this version of Liquid, please get in touch on 0161 413 5050 to discuss upgrading.

As new functionality is released, it will be announced here, so please check back regularly, or read the newswires when they go out as they will also carry news of such changes.

Thank you

The Liquid Team.