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What can we expect for the future of cloud computing?

  The concept of cloud computing has developed rapidly in a very short space of time, so much so that the term 'cloud' might soon be dropped altogether. Currently, the on-demand computing model is considered a new way of providing the services that many IT companies have been delivering for several decades. Shaping the future of the sector By updating links across servers and acting as an effective means of storing data on large scales, cloud has opened up a vast number of opportunities in IT. Stretching across the globe, the systems enable a more efficient way of working, with more and more businesses choosing to use cloud. When in its infancy, the concept can take some time to be fully adopted by the IT sector, ...


Could the internet be the best asset available for an accountancy firm?

The internet opens up a whole new world of possibilities for many businesses, providing opportunities to try out new marketing options alongside the tried and tested traditional options. By using online methods, accountants can expand into previously untouched markets, increasing their consumer base and output as a result. In a digital age, providing online options provides businesses and individuals with easy access to the help and information they require. Recent research suggests more than 50% of accountancy firms have a seen a return on investments when using online technology. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that more than three quarters of accountants are now actively engaging as a means of extending their services. This regular exposure to a new, wide-ranging audience is not without its ...


How has the introduction of cloud computing revolutionised the business world ?

  In a fast-paced business environment, having quick and constant levels of communication between all aspects of a workforce is vital. The simple concept behind cloud computing is that large numbers of devices are set up through a connection network - often the internet. As well as operating across many computers at the same time, it also offers the opportunity for systems to exist on the move. This can be particularly useful if you are looking to use the technology for online bookkeeping and invoicing purposes, ensuring that the operation is now slowed down unnecessarily. Mobile devices, tablets and desktops can be linked, improving the functionality of IT delivery. However, the concept is constantly developing, in essence it is very much in its infancy, and ...


Liquid Accounts Raises £600k Funding to Maximise Software as a Service Growth in the Cloud

Liquid Accounts, http://liquid.current, the Yorkshire based developer of on-line Cloud accounting software, delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), has raised £600k to allow the company to continue its expansion plans. Launched in 2010, Liquid have developed the most comprehensive cloud accounting solution on the market for small and medium enterprises (SME's) and it is now the product of choice for thousands of users. Unlike the plethora of Cloud based on-line bookkeeping systems Liquids solution is a full accounting package at a similar price point as the entry level bookkeeping solutions. The £600k has been raised from existing investors, including the Aspire Fund and 2 new High Net Worth investors. Liquid Chair, Richard Doyle commented: 'we deferred our next round of fund raising ...


When to move from manual to on-line accounting

Many small companies do manual bookkeeping, or use something like excel to keep track of accounts. But when do you know when its time to move to an on-line accounting package? Clearly when you can't manage the day to day running of your business and spend long evenings entering figures into a spreadsheet is a good time! But it may be appropriate to move before you get to this point.  After all if you have never used on-line accounting software how do you know what you are missing out on? What will on-line accounting software do for you? Here are just a few ideas. You will probably be able to save on accountancy fees. By using an on-line accounting package your accountant will be able ...


The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Business spent around $109 billion on cloud computing in 2012 and it is predicted that this will rise to around $207 billion by 2016. (Gartner) So what is driving business to move to the cloud? Put simply, its down to flexibility, efficiency and cost savings.   What is cloud computing? Basically, it uses the internet to allow users to access applications that would previously be stored physically on their PC or on a server somewhere in the building. Now they can be stored anywhere in the World Wide Web (cloud) and accessed through a web browser, on a iPAD, android phone, iphone, tablet or PC in an internet cafÃÆ'©.   This has enabled application developers to offer software as a service (SaaS) usually on ...


Accounting software – how to evaluate for your business

Accounting software can help you to organise and manage your complete accounting process. It should save you time, provide you with management information to make decisions and potentially save you accountancy fees. Finding the right accounting software package however needs careful thought to ensure you get maximum benefit from the software. Other than making sure what you use will be excellent value for money here are some things you may want to consider before making your choice. Firstly, decide what features you want from an accounting system. Clearly sales and purchase ledgers along with online submission of tax returns and VAT are essential, but do you also need stock to be integrated, multicurrency or payroll? Next you need to decide when and ...


Top 10 business tips for new companies

  Starting a new business can be very rewarding, but also gives the potential entrepreneur lots to think about. Here are 10 business tips to help the new business manager get off on the right foot.   1. Write a plan. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Any plan should include a financial plan, sales and marketing plan, and resource plan as a minimum. For a free business plan guide click here.   2. Set your self targets, whether it be sales, profit, number of customers or to achieve a task by a specific date. Write them down and review them regularly. It is widely recognised that those people who document targets and review them, are more successful than those who ...


We are hiring: Marketing Executive

Job Description

Title: Marketing Executive Location: Based at our Head Office on the Leeds/Huddersfield border. Reports to: Chief Executive Salary: Competitive salary plus benefits Job Objective: Responsible for developing and maintaining PR, marketing and communication strategies to meet organisational objectives (in conjunction with external marketing/PR company). Oversee all PR, marketing, lead generation, communication, advertising and promotional activities. Responsibilities: Responsible for the PR, marketing and communications of company products in the growing SaaS , accountancy marketplace. Develop and implement an annual PR, marketing and communications plan as part of a collaborative team (in conjunction with external agency, sales department and senior management team) which will include: o Researching and targeting key new markets and products o Researching, management, writing and production of marketing materials such as brochures, regular e-newsletters, web content, ...