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Liquid Accounting Software , built by accountants, so we understand.

Liquid accounting and client management software will enable you, and your practice, to regulate your clients’ bookkeeping, freeing up precious time to spend it where it matters. Whether that means offering more high-value services such as planning or tax or advice, managing staff resources or simply having a better work-life balance. The choice is yours. Predictable, regulated compliance work will help you fix and plan fees, secure your margins and avoid unnecessary and unexpectedly laborious jobs.

Our award-winning, UK-based accounting software is accredited by both the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales) and the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) It complies with the BASDA Cloud Vendor Charter (Business Application Software Developers Association).

Liquid Management

Liquids accounting software offers a CLIENT MANAGER module, which allows an accountant, or any professional,  to access their clients’ bookkeeping and data at any time. This means you can work in real time. Spot patterns and errors as they happen, rather than at the year end. Offer regular, timely advice. Be the accountant that has a year round relationship rather than the one that hassles a months before the year-end. Develop a closer relationship whilst actually saving time. Cut out paper trails and make your job a heck of a lot easier.

Liquid Power

Liquid’s accounting software is extraordinarily powerful. And because it is customisable and scalable, the same accounting software can be enjoyed by micro businesses and multi-nationals alike. You can help your client to set up in the optimum fashion. You’ll get the credit for the wonderful accounting software! One CLIENT MANAGER dashboard controls it all.

As Liquid began as bespoke software for large franchises and multi-nationals so our software has a range of functionality that’s unusual in an online package. This includes Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Payroll, Stock Control, Multi-Currency, Job Costing, and Factoring.

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Liquid Office

Everything is securely online, so no downloads, upgrades or faffing about. Business hours are too precious. Work in any office, anywhere at any time and still be a click or two away from the data you need. Be sure that both you and your clients are always using the most up to date version of our accounting software. We take away every possible avenue of stress and worry. You just do what you do best – offer great accounting advice. Liquid does the grunt work all neatly tucked away under the bonnet. Power, speed, efficiency and above all, simplicity.

Liquid Revenue

Use Liquid to retain clients and attract new ones. Clients talk! Plus you can monetise Liquid through commissions, training as well as offering much more dynamic added-value services. This in turn boosts your clients’ chances of survival though these terrible economic times. Give your clients the security of being in complete control of their bookkeeping. There aren’t many win-wins in life, but this is one of them.

Liquid Security

We are incredibly secure. Ours is the only online accounting software to use a 5-part login, (rather than 2 or 3). It is the only software to comply with the BASDA Cloud Vendor Charter. This means that each company or practice has a company login (that everyone uses and that includes a randomly generate company code). Plus each user has an individual user login as well. The reason for this is that, as well as being more secure; it gives the administrator the ability to control user access and privileges. Ultimately, it also means that the administrator can lock everyone out and change the company login if necessary.

On top of this, we use SSL encryption as standard. We have measures in place to stop people gaining access to your login details via your history.  All designed to give you and your clients extra security and peace of mind.

Liquid Flexibility

Enjoy unlimited users, transactions, storage, UK technical support (telephone, email and online) plus training. Also included is a raft of HR and employment documents (via Sentient).

There is no contract or tie-in. Liquid accounting software is as immediate and as fluid as that.

You can start right away.

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