Why become a partner?

Superior offering

Our VAT Filer allows you to provide a fuller offering and secure new clients quicker.

Limitless flexibility

With never-ending integration and scalability, you can meet any client’s needs.

Badge of compliance

Satisfy HMRC’s stringent standards, and demonstrate that you’re digitally advanced.

Our Pricing

If you find digitally submitting your VAT return as easy as hundreds of others have, then it’s just £40+VAT for the entry-level version of our software (single use and single company). If you become a user of either Liquid Express or Enterprise, this product is included as part of your plan.

VAT Filer

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5 Star Rating

I not only advise my clients to use Liquid Accounts, I also use it within my own accountancy firm. Liquid payroll provides fantastic value for money and is simple and easy to use and the online accounting software is a great tool.

Kashif Akram

Kashif Akram Accountancy

4 Star Rating

We needed a cloud solution that could be accessed remotely by each member of the MaxAim team. We can each log in to Liquid Accounts to raise our own invoices and expenses no matter where we are located, and can even access data from our smartphones.

Tom Hayes


5 Star Rating

We use Liquid Accounts because it’s jargon-free, user-friendly and designed to save our clients time and money. Liquid is a grown-up package which makes running a business much easier whether you work remotely, in multiple locations or are always on the road.

Alison Leech


5 Star Rating

It’s great that our clients can take control over some of their own bookkeeping and we can work together online. We find the sales and purchase order modules really useful and think the new interface looks much more user-friendly, clean and fresh.

Anna Wickham

Castletree Consultants

5 Star Rating

The analytics, reporting and forecasting modules within the software are invaluable and used on a daily basis within my businesses. The online help documentation is well presented and easy to follow when I need it.

Jonathan Palfreyman

One Vision Health

4 Star Rating

Being able to access the accounts from any location ensures that I can keep completely up to date with the business’s finances. With Liquid being completely online, I can liaise with the team up in Scotland whilst viewing exactly the same up-to-date figures.

Kathleen McLeod

The Leadership Factory

What you’ll love about Liquid’s VAT Filer…

Available to all your clients

Our VAT Filer connects with any accounting software, so no switching is required.

100% compliant

It more than meets HMRC’s requirements, providing a fully digital path.

No restrictions on client size

Multi-company and multi-user add-ons mean no client is off limits.

Maximum efficiency

Information only needs to be entered once – there’s no wasted time with duplicate data.


If you or any clients use spreadsheets, our software allows data to pass through them.

Liquid Accounts have always worked with industry leaders. Since day one, we’ve partnered with a great number of clients to transform and improve their accounting practices.