Take your business into the digital age

Here’s what makes Liquid’s VAT Filer different…

No limits on Integration

The VAT Filer links up to any accounting software you choose.

One-time-only data entry

Input your details, and that’s it – our VAT Filer keeps them for future returns.

Meet HMRC’s specification

Maintain the digital path required by HMRC.

Instant confirmation

Two-way communication with HMRC ensures you know if you’ve filed successfully.

Scale your growth

Multi-company and multi-user add-ons are available if you need them.

Our Pricing

If you become a user of Liquid Accounts Cloud, this product is included as part of your plan at no extra charge, otherwise the cost of Liquid VAT Filer is as follows:

VAT Filer

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What businesses love about Liquid’s VAT Filer…

Bridging software

Still use spreadsheets? Our VAT Filer allows data to pass through them.

Mapping process

Export your VAT report into Excel, and it maps the relevant fields. Discover the process.

Easy integration

The VAT Filer ties in with other software so you’ll never face any barriers.