If you follow Liquid Accounting closely, you’ll know there have been a lot of big developments over the past few months.

Among the array of exciting new features we’ve released for our platforms is Liquid Time – a time-management and attendance software application that operates entirely within the cloud.

Liquid Time is available now – and our latest blog is dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about this cutting-edge solution proven to enhance organisation and efficiency.

How does Liquid Time work?

Liquid Time has been created with every type of SME in mind – rendering it one of the few time-management applications suited to all small or medium-sized businesses, regardless of industry or sector.

Many businesses need to create, update, manage and maintain shift schedules across multiple sites, and Liquid Time makes these modifications a far easier and more efficient task.

Everything is managed through the cloud, so all staff need is an internet-connected device to arrange, request or move shifts, with GPS location capability creating a clear picture for managers with regards to their employees’ whereabouts.

But what else does Liquid Time offer for businesses?

Fluid and flexible scheduling

Things are always subject to change in today’s fast-paced working environment, which is why it’s important to leave your staff with a degree of leeway when it comes to shift scheduling.

With Liquid Time, you can keep shifts flexible, entering work schedules months in advance to improve visibility and minimise problems. Pay rates can be adjusted for particular shifts – giving staff extra money for unsociable hours, for example.

You can also use Liquid Time to enter any applicable travel expenses payable to the employee so these are never missed.

Quick and easy clocking

Physical clocking-in is outdated and inefficient in the digital world.

With Liquid Time, employees can simply log onto the system once they are on site, clocking in via their smartphones.

If employees arrive late, you can request that they provide a reason for not turning up on time.

Clear and organised hierarchy

Keeping your management structure and organisation hierarchy well-balanced can be a challenge, but Liquid Time helps you to keep everything steady, clear and discernible.

Up to 5 levels worth of management structure can be arranged through this software, with managers free to approve, change, manage and update employee timesheets/requests if staff aren’t using the app themselves.

Smarter and smoother payroll

All complete working hours can be passed onto the finance team, who in turn can create period reports for accurate, fast payroll production.

It’s another way in which administrative procedures can be completed in a much more effective manner via Liquid Time.

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