A neat and nimble EPoS system from Liquid Accounts and Tilgo

Liquid Accounts and Tilgo have partnered to provide a comprehensive electronic point of sale and accounting solution to retail businesses.

A simple to use and low cost system that will ease your point of sale and accounting headaches, from a single source.

Our Key Features


Whether you are brewing coffee or fixing cars, we are here to provide you with a technology that anyone can use – so you can get on with what you do best.

Cost effective

Low monthly fee of £10 +VAT – Tilgo is ideal for small businesses

SumUp integration

Integrates with SumUp card reader, allowing chip and pin or contactless payment by debit or credit card


Accept payments wherever you are, the terminal will fit into your pocket and let you accept card payments anywhere.


Access quickly via your Android tablet or phone, or see your transactions in Liquid Accounts – Tilgo runs on a pocket-sized box which we supply

Pricing & payment

Integrate with SumUp payment processing, create bespoke items eg two cocktails for £8, create fixed sum or percentage discounts, open variable item price, add comments to orders to specify customer requirements.

Tables & tabs

Place orders from the table using mobile device, specify and amend your floorplan and tables/tabs, split and move tabs, auto log-off users and tables/tabs.


Cash off an order and print a receipt, use multiple printers and specify destination printer for each order, redirect customer order to next available printer, open cash drawer based on payment types.

Layout & design

Add till categories, customise layout and colour of till items, create modifiers to prompt staff and capture customisations, quick search using auto filter as you type.

Reports & back office

Report with charts, apply different VAT rates to individual items, record and apply surcharges by payment type, configure data in bulk using CSV file, create customer accounts to track deposits and credit lines.

Inventory management

Create a delivery order or autogenerate when stock levels fall to preset minimum, link stock items to suppliers, record deliveries including stock, cost and VAT, retrieve orders and record as deliveries, define till items that are create from delivery items eg cocktails, view current stock levels, perform a stock take and record shrinkage.

Integration with Liquid Accounts

The integration with Liquid will save you many hours end ensure nothing ever gets missed. Data that comes across includes End of day sales, individual transactions, and supplier orders for stock valuation. We can also bespoke the integration to your specific needs, so if your requirements are little out of the ordinary, get in touch to discuss them with us.

Personal, human support

We're hear to help you when you start using Tilgo and Liquid - call us, email us or use our web portal. We're all in the UK and we have years of experience supporting businesses just like yours.

Try the Tilgo demo here

Use passcode 5555

What you’ll need to run tilgo

  • Android tablet or Android phone
  • Star TSP 143 or 654 LAN thermal printer
  • Cash drawer with RJ11 connector
  • Wifi router
  • SumUp payment card reader, if required

Your subscription provides you with…

  • Tilgo box
  • Support site
  • Email support


Our pricing is simple and straightforward.

After the first month you’ll pay £10 per month (excluding VAT), which includes your TilgoBox.

When you sign up we’ll ask you to pay a one-off deposit of £70. If you cancel your contract and return the TilgoBox to us, this will be refunded.


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Try the neat and nimble Tilgo-Liquid EPoS solution

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5 Star Rating

I not only advise my clients to use Liquid Accounts, I also use it within my own accountancy firm. Liquid payroll provides fantastic value for money and is simple and easy to use and the online accounting software is a great tool.

Kashif Akram

Kashif Akram Accountancy

4 Star Rating

We needed a cloud solution that could be accessed remotely by each member of the MaxAim team. We can each log in to Liquid Accounts to raise our own invoices and expenses no matter where we are located, and can even access data from our smartphones.

Tom Hayes


5 Star Rating

We use Liquid Accounts because it’s jargon-free, user-friendly and designed to save our clients time and money. Liquid is a grown-up package which makes running a business much easier whether you work remotely, in multiple locations or are always on the road.

Alison Leech


5 Star Rating

It’s great that our clients can take control over some of their own bookkeeping and we can work together online. We find the sales and purchase order modules really useful and think the new interface looks much more user-friendly, clean and fresh.

Anna Wickham

Castletree Consultants

5 Star Rating

The analytics, reporting and forecasting modules within the software are invaluable and used on a daily basis within my businesses. The online help documentation is well presented and easy to follow when I need it.

Jonathan Palfreyman

One Vision Health

4 Star Rating

Being able to access the accounts from any location ensures that I can keep completely up to date with the business’s finances. With Liquid being completely online, I can liaise with the team up in Scotland whilst viewing exactly the same up-to-date figures.

Kathleen McLeod

The Leadership Factory