Online is the future for almost everything, and one sector at the forefront of this revolution is retail. In fact, it’s been predicted that by 2023, e-commerce sales may surpass $6.5 trillion. To put it simply, shoppers are turning online more and more, especially for particular products such as jewellery, furniture, and video games.

But as retail becomes more digital, there are new considerations these business owners need to factor in – from mobile-friendly websites to providing the best customer experience. And as always, maintaining cash flow is a priority, but now it needs to be adaptable for the dynamic world of e-commerce, without costing the earth. Here, we explore how Liquid Accounts allows for exactly that.


Separate systems for everything don’t work when trying to build an online empire. That’s why our tools offer unlimited integration. It’s compatible with a host of e-commerce platforms: eBay, PayPal, Shopify and Magento. Plus, we can connect with other systems that our customers come to us with.

This integration doesn’t just relate to online retailers. Liquid Accounts also links up with marketing and sales software, such as Zoho CRM, Capsule and ZigZag. And we connect with payment providers – so you can make sure payments go through without a hitch, and without re-entering information.

Flexible payments

Customers want to be able to pay in a way that suits them, and our integration with secure payment providers mean they can. We have recommended ones which we’re already linked up to (SumUp and Tilgo), but we’re happy to integrate with others too. So, if you want to continue using your current supplier, you’ll still be able to benefit from automated payment transactions.

On top of this, our tools have multi-currency functionality. Therefore, whichever one you or your customers use, Liquid can deal with it. We’ll manage the rates manually or automatically by using ECB rates.

Adaptable to growth

Our software is also flexible to your business’ development. This means if your empire is growing, or perhaps even downsizing, we’ll have an option to suit you. Liquid Express comes with single company and user functionality, whilst Liquid Enterprise starts at five users but allows additional users and companies if you require it.

And there’s other helpful features too. These include direct MTD for VAT return submissions to HMRC. Plus, there’s the ability to manage stock levels and organise the dispatching of goods, along with automated bank feeds and unlimited bills and invoicing. With us, you can reduce your administrative work and fully streamline your empire.


Whilst business is going more and more online, there may be points where you need a little assistance with your software. That’s why we have a dedicated team to provide a helping hand.

We’re available via the web and phone to support you. With Liquid, you’ll have a complete e-commerce solution, at a cost-effective price.

Contact us today to get started with our accountancy software for online retailers. Simply call us on 0161 413 5050 or send an email to info@liquidaccounts.com.

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