A regular request from customers of Liquid was to improve the User access controls, so that companies with several users were able to control what information was visible to those users, depending upon their role in the business.

The development team have taken on board all of the feedback received and made enhancements to Liquid that we believe will benefit business with a multi-user set up.

The new enhancements deliver…

  1. Full control of Company menu layout
  2. Full control of authorisation process per module, page, report and functionality per user
  3. The ability to exclude certain pages from certain users

How to Use the New Functionality

There’s a newly added table that displays summary of user data. The link View details will load

  1. User details in form below
  2. User menu layout

Any menu the user is exempted from seeing will have the word “exclude” on the menu link

To Edit menu layout…

  1. Click on the menu name and the details appear (see table below)
  2. Edit to change permission level
  3. Use Exclude/Include link to exclude or include the menu in the user profile

These features are now live in Liquid Accounts and please contact support (click here) to request assistance with accessing them.




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