About Any Translation…

Any Translation is a translation, localisation, website and graphic design consultancy based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Their main services involve the translation of documents and web pages and website design and localisation for those businesses that currently trade or who are looking to trade internationally.

Any Translation has two Project Managers based in Bulgaria and Austria, who manage international translator teams to complete projects for clients across the UK and America.

The company’s main target audience is national and international businesses from across Europe and America, who are looking to expand into new overseas markets, translate documentation and web pages and update or redesign an existing English website.

Liquid & Any Translation…

Any Translation has been using Liquid’s cloud accounting package since 2008. It was recommended by their accountant, Vicky Endogan of Solutions Bookkeeping Ltd.

Any Translation’s Stella White uses Liquid to manage client invoices from the company offices in Sheffield, whilst Vicky keeps the accounts up-to-date by processing details and managing payments and money received from her office in Huddersfield.

‘We chose Liquid Accounts after a recommendation by our accountant. We wanted a web-based accounting package as we were re-locating from Huddersfield to Sheffield and wanted to stick with our accountant, who we had been working with since start-up.

The best thing about doing my accounts online with Liquid is that I can access up-to-date figures from wherever I am. I can manage the accounts from home, the office or when I’m on the move.

Also, as all of our business activity is carried out online, it makes the whole accounting process much easier, as we can easily integrate with other systems that we use, such as PayPal.

The fact that the software is automatically updated for us means that there are no downloads or installations required; it’s all done for us by Liquid.

I love being able to produce invoices instantly through Liquid and send them via email in PDF format. This saves me the hassle of printing, as everything is done online. In fact, I have never been required to print an invoice since switching to Liquid, which as a paper-free business is a huge benefit to us.

I also like the ‘dashboard’ view when I log in to my accounts, which shows an overview of my accounts in an easy-to-view format. From this, I can get a general idea of how the business is doing, as well as checking that the accounts are up-to-date.

Liquid does everything that I would require from an accounting package and the flexible pricing structure of Liquid means that it is much cheaper to run than other software packages, such as Sage.’

Stella White, Any Translation

If you would like to know more about Any Translation, visit their website. If you would like your company to be mentioned in one of our newsletters and you would like a case study of your company on our website, contact our Marketing Assistant, David Garthwaite (david.garthwaite@liquidaccounts.net)

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