About SmileSMS’¦

SmileSMS provides text messaging (SMS) to organisations wanting to deliver direct, effective messages and receive enquiries from their target markets.  They help customers to organically build a strong, valuable mobile phone number database that will bring revenue and profit for years to come.

Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, SmileS is a team of 9 local staff, led by their 2 Directors, Sara and Mark Evans.  They have worked with a range of companies including Total Fitness and the Huddersfield Giants.

SmileS is an online application that helps businesses manage their communications, contacts and costs, enabling companies to send out messages efficiently and effectively.

Liquid & SmileSMS’¦

SmileS decided to use Liquid after moving from Sage, and they have been using the award-winning online application since January 2010.

‘We weren’t really satisfied with Sage, we found it difficult to use and we just didn’t get on with it. When we started looking around for an alternative we heard about a local, Huddersfield-based cloud accounting solution, which was Liquid Accounts.

We now use Liquid to invoice our customers, it’s less complicated to raise orders and everything is so much easier than Sage; Liquid makes doing the accounts less stressful.

Liquid has made our processes a lot quicker and our accounts work more efficiently now.  It is user-friendly enough that our staff can use the package independently and there is no need for our staff to double check simple tasks with us.  There is less time and paperwork involved since using Liquid, and it makes our day-to-day jobs much simpler.

A big benefit of being in the cloud is that it takes the pressure off having to remember to do constant back-ups of your accounting data as it does it all for you, and the flexibility of the cloud means we have even been able to do our accounting when we’ve been on holiday abroad!’

Sara Evans, SmileSMS


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