About Slipstream Energy…

Founded in 2006 by Directors Philip Wilson and Dr Michael Roberts, Slipstream Energy rapidly established strong commercial and technical teams. Their mission is to provide elegant wind turbine solutions to the problem of generating ‘clean electricity’ in the developed environment.

Slipstream Energy is a perfect example of a modern company who focus much of their time and attention on operating in an environmentally friendly manner. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint both in their products and in day-to-day business activities. The web server used by Slipstream is 100% powered by solar energy, for example.

Slipstream Energy employees are given incentives to use public transport, cycle or walk whenever possible. They use local suppliers by preference and apply low carbon manufacturing techniques. Slipstream also estimate the carbon cost of manufacturing before each project and target their services at commercial companies who have the need to reduce emissions, stabilize energy costs and increase competitive advantage

The Keighley-based company has won a range of prestigious awards in the green business sector and is also in partnership with Leeds University, testing out their products for research by the next generation of aerodynamics engineers.

Liquid & Slipstream Energy…

Slipstream proudly use Liquid’s online accounting package to manage their company accounts on a daily basis.

Dave Barry, Operations Manager at Slipstream, believes that being able to manage the accounts daily via Liquid’s application is a key factor behind the company’s success. It allows him to keep track of invoices, budgeting and general bookkeeping on a daily basis from wherever he is located on any particular day.

‘I use Liquid daily from home and the office to manage invoices and budgeting and generally control how money is spent within the company. Although I maintain a general track of the company accounts each day, we use an external accountant for key areas. As the Liquid package is modular, we can choose which functions we require; for example, turning on the stock control application.

The main benefit of cloud computing is the fact that we don’t need to pay for a hosting system for the database as Liquid has the expertise and resources to ensure our data is securely stored. This reduces overheads and means that we don’t have to worry about managing our own data and keeping it secure.

As Liquid allows me to access the latest company figures from any location, I can’t imagine working without online accounting as it gives me so much flexibility in my work. The fact that it is online also means that it is more environmentally friendly, without the need to print excessive amounts of paper. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is definitely the way forward; not just for accounting, but for all areas of business.’

Dave Barry, Slipstream Energy

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