About Solutions Bookkeeping…

Solutions Bookkeeping is a small-business bookkeeping service with clients ranging in size to a turnover of £2million. They work with companies who don’t necessarily need a Chartered Accountant looking after their accounts but would benefit from working remotely with an experienced bookkeeper.
The company is run by Vicky Endogan, a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and a Business Link Mentor. Vicky set up her service 2 years ago when she realised that the students she was teaching accounting to at Bradford College would end up using what she’d taught them to earn more than her!

Liquid & Solutions Bookkeeping…

Vicky heard about Liquid Accounts through business-networking site, Ecademy, which she was using to promote her fledgling service. A member of our team invited her round for coffee and she was impressed by how friendly and welcoming we all were – and she liked the software too!

Liquid Accounts is now allowing her to grow and develop her business, and earn more money.

“I was impressed by the friendliness at Liquid and I felt really comfortable with them. I felt that however much of a mess I made I would be helped and not made to feel stupid. I never feel like I’m getting in the way or that it’s a hassle when I phone up.

Liquid has the support there that you don’t have with Sage. Clients who’ve used Sage in the past all moan about it. Liquid offers excellent customer service and you can ring and know you’ll get your query answered.

The software is logical in the way it’s set up and is easy to use and simple to follow. I like the fact that it has guides that you can download that are easy to follow. I’ve even printed them off and created a Liquid file for reference.

It’s simple to print off reports and the language is easy to understand and there aren’t any blips like you get in Sage where year after year you get the same problems that are never solved. With Liquid, they’re constantly trying to improve. For example, I was desperate to have batch invoicing and they did it!

The other big advantage is that my clients can access it themselves. One of my clients was working on a spreadsheet but she liked the idea that she could log in from home and that she still had control and that I could work from here. It also allows you to communicate with your accountant as well and there’s no swapping around paperwork and emailing back-ups – it’s just there! And the ease of the language suits my clients.

I recommend Liquid to businesses with creditor and debtor lists even if it’s just a few, as having the right software allows you to manage them better. Also to more complex businesses who have a higher turnover and more transactions.”

Vicky Endogan, Solutions Bookkeeping

If you would like to know more about Solutions Bookkeeping, visit Vicky’s website. Or, if you would like to find out more about how Liquid Accounts can help your accountant or bookkeeper keep track of your accounts with greater control, contact our Sales Director, Darren Garland (darren.garland@liquidaccounts.net)

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