About The Sharp Agency…

The Sharp Agency is a communications agency based in Huddersfield. The company was founded by Darlene Sharp, Richard Sharp and Tom Wass in 2009 and has worked with a range of high-profile brands. Having worked with global and local clients, The Sharp Agency has valuable experience of working with companies of all sizes with ranging budgets.     

Recognisable brands that The Sharp Agency have worked with include NUS, Chrysler and NHS Sheffield.

The Sharp Agency aims to challenge the conventional methods of advertising and work very closely with their clients to help build highly successful and recognisable brands. The company’s philosophy is very much that ideas are at the centre of any successful campaign.

Liquid & The Sharp Agency…

The Sharp Agency were recommended Liquid Accounts by their accountant, Nick Brooke, who is also based in Huddersfield.

Darlene had previously done the company’s accounts on a basic spreadsheet on her computer but felt that, as the business grew, she needed to keep a more detailed check on the company’s finances.

Another key factor behind their switch to Liquid was the fact that most of their work is done on Apple Macs, meaning that they needed an accounting package that would cater for this need. As one of the few cloud accounting software providers whose application can be viewed in Mac format, Liquid is a perfect option for companies who do much of their work on Apple Macs.

“We love Liquid Accounts and rave about it to anyone who will listen!

We chose Liquid Accounts after being recommended by a few people about their easy-to-use online accounting software. One of the key reasons for our switch to Liquid Accounts was that, as a communications agency, we use Apple Macs everyday for our design work and we needed an accounting package that could be viewed in Mac format.

After previously using a basic Excel spreadsheet to do the company accounts, Liquid has actually given me a much better understanding of accounting, due to the simple, non-accounting language used on the application. This makes Liquid Accounts a great package for those who are new to business as it is so simple to use and to understand.

Also, with being based both at home and in the office, the online aspect of Liquid’s software means that I can access the same up-to-date data no matter where I am. This also means that the application is automatically updated by Liquid when, for example, new VAT rates come into effect.

With Liquid, I also enjoy being able to liase with our accountant without the need for sending information backwards and forwards through e-mail. We can both look at exactly the same data, even when we are both in different locations.

It’s one of those things that once you have it you can’t imagine being without; like Sky+ and online banking.”

Darlene Sharp, The Sharp Agency

If you would like to know more about The Sharp Agency, visit their website. If you would like your company to be mentioned in one of our newsletters and you would like a case study of your company on our new website, contact our Marketing Assistant, David Garthwaite (david.garthwaite@liquidaccounts.net)

Or, if you would like to find out more about how Liquid Accounts can help you keep track of your accounts using Apple Mac, contact our Sales Director, Darren Garland (darren.garland@liquidaccounts.net)

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