About Plant Syence…

Plant Syence is a research based supplier of solutions to the Agriculture, Horticulture and Amenity markets. Their products are supported by a full R&D programme over several seasons before they reach the market e.g. recent seed treatment has been trialled for 7 years before it was commercialised.

Unique links to Agricultural Research Centres, including University of California, Los Alamos Research Institute, SAC, University of Kiel, University of Posnan (Poland), DANI, keep Plant Syence at the forefront of new developments and then are committed to develop these technologies and ideas for the European market providing a full independently verified local support package.

Plant Syence have developed close relationships with many specialists from around the world to provide the most cost effective nutritional solutions to a wide range of crop situations, as well as providing full extensive independent training, research and development.


Why Liquid…

Liquid’s ability to bespoke and customize the software for any business was one of the positives for Plant Syence Director, Iain Barker. The need to place ‘back to back’ orders was a necessity, as was creating a special purchase order that would carry across stock and quantity details but also picking up Supplier pricing and using delivery instructions from the original sales order.

This feature was specifically written by our technical team to ensure this feature can be automated for Plant Syence and the result has been cost-effective and time efficient.

As Iain Barker states; ‘This alteration saves us time, shadow spreadsheets, and makes our total stock handling transparent to everyone in the company.

You can visit Plant Syence at www.plantsyence.com 

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