Tired of seeing warning stickers for the General Data Protection Regulation all over the web? Don’t expect relief anytime soon. As the May 25th deadline creeps closer, panic surrounding the upcoming regulations is intensifying, with businesses under greater pressure than ever to keep their data safe from prying eyes.

As a business owner, you’ll soon be held wholly responsible for any client information that goes missing, so it’s crucial to have effective measures in place to prevent breaches.

If you’re playing with the idea of moving across to the cloud, a potential deterrent is the notion of security. With renewed importance on protecting personal data under GDPR, you need an accounting solution that will stand strong against all malicious threats. In truth, cloud-based solutions are enormously effective – you just need to choose wisely.

Choose a first-rate provider

The first, and most important, step to keeping cloud-based data safe is choosing the right cloud accounting provider. There are several options out there, but you can filter out the inferior software by scrutinising their approach to security.

Any cloud accounting solution worth its salt will prioritise high levels of security above all else. The customer service team will be able to elaborate on protection procedures and explain the various types of security measures available. Ideally, they will also be able to offer different levels of protection and advise which one meets your current needs.

Encryption is particularly important; if data does get pinched, it won’t be readable to the criminal party, and therefore cannot be used.

Take responsibility for your data

Whilst quality cloud accounting systems are essential, you should follow simple security steps yourself to safeguard data to the best of your ability.

Smart password practices are always recommended. Using a combination of letters, symbols and numbers can strengthen your security system immensely. Just be sure to rotate your passwords on a regular basis and make certain that your staff are doing the same.

Keep your team trained up, too. The more they know about your cloud accounting system, the better equipped they are to contribute to the defence against data theft. Take time to make them aware of the importance of cyber security. Ensure they can spot spam and know how to sniff out a site crawling with malware.

Follow all of the above and, if a breach does occur, GDPR regulators will recognise that you’ve taken active measures to block attacks.

Liquid Accounts – a secure cloud accounting solution

For maximum security, it’s vital to opt for an exceptional cloud accounting provider – you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Liquid is officially one of the most secure cloud accounting solutions available on the market today, offering multiple layers of protection to keep your business’ data safe in every scenario. You can read our new privacy policy for GDPR here.

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