In pursuit of delivering a better cloud computing experience, Intel has launched its latest 22-nanometer Xeon E5 2600 v2 chips.

The new chips will supersede Xeon E5 chips, and promise better performance alongside being more energy-efficient.

When compared with the previous generation of chips, they are 45% more efficient and can deliver an improvement in performance by around 50%.

So what really sets the latest chips apart from the pack?


The latest generation of Xeon E5 chips promises to improve overall performance of the system, increasing ease of use while ensuring all recent sector developments have been taken into account.

Many businesses are currently using servers that don’t fully utilise all the available resources that these new chips could unleash.

With the prospect of data handling vastly increased and the system easier to implement, the cloud is taking on a new role, encompassing even more aspects of business.


Increasing system speed remains almost a permanent issue in the IT world, as technology is continually improving.

Therefore the latest additions to the market intend to be quicker and more reliable than those before them.

This benefits the companies using them dramatically as data can be easily shifted around and networking can be done in an effective and efficient manner.

From this, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated cloud system, as more aspects of the business can be dealt with from one location in a speedy fashion.

Data management

Xeon E5 2600 chips have been developed with the aim of improving the amount of data that can be handled by a specific system.

With businesses needing to deal with more data more regularly, this is obviously a welcome addition to many servers.

It is effectively a more efficient and powerful replacement for its predecessor, opening up plenty of opportunities for cloud expansion in many businesses.

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