CMEASY is a firm of Chartered Accountants who specialise in the oil and gas industry, providing their services to over 1000 contractors. When Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT was officially introduced in April 2019, they looked for tools that could both ensure compliance with the digitalisation of tax and maximise efficiency. Thankfully, their VAT compliance expert, Sam Heller FCA, found Liquid Accounts’ VAT Filer.

Sam and CMEASY were no strangers to accounting software. Previously, they had an eight-year relationship with another accountancy software provider for VAT. Whilst this tool did the job, it wouldn’t maintain HMRC’s required digital path. So CMEASY did their research – more than their research, in fact – they went through every supplier of MTD for VAT software. But, they weren’t looking for any old tool, they wanted the best.

That’s when they stumbled across Liquid’s VAT Filer. When researching VAT submission methods, they saw that the software had similar functionality to what they were currently using. That ease-of-use was essential. The negotiations with Liquid began, and they were incredibly pleased to hear that the tools could meet their requirements to a greater degree than their previous software.

Another requirement for them was bulk submissions direct to HMRC. Quarterly VAT returns involve a lot of work as they have to file for a number of clients on the same quarter date. To prepare all the figures, submit in an efficient format, and not make any of the easy mistakes, this would be quite a challenge without bulk filing.

Thankfully, Liquid had this exact feature enabling CMEASY to submit returns in just a few hours. It’s the most effective method, saving a significant amount of time and maintaining the digital links as required by HMRC.

Liquid proved to be right for CMEASY. The process went incredibly smoothly. And, they liked the software right from the beginning, finding it straightforward and simple to use.

CMEASY began using Liquid’s VAT Filer in the early stages of MTD. This was a learning curve for both parties. They worked together, and when there was a technical issue at the beginning, Sam was delighted by Liquid’s prompt response. The issue was recognised as valid and a suitable solution was provided within a month – a change to the system had been made that suited CMEASY’s needs.

The support and features offered by Liquid have resulted in a very positive customer experience for Sam and CMEASY:

“Liquid’s VAT Filer is incredibly important for CMEASY. We’ve had a really pleasant experience working with the team. From the first professional connection we had, we felt that everything was handled extremely well. Colin dealt with everything excellently by understanding our needs and working to them accordingly.”

Do you already submit your VAT digitally? Or will you soon need to comply with HMRC’s electronic path? Are bulk submissions also something you would benefit from? Liquid’s VAT Filer will help you with the digitalisation of tax, in the most efficient way possible.

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