Would You Like to Be Able to Collect Payments via Direct Debit From Within Liquid Accounts?

Liquid Accounts is pleased to announce that we have partnered with London and Zurich in order to offer our clients the ability to use online paperless Direct Debit as a way of collecting money from customers that’s integrated into our cloud accounting software.  This is the service we use to collect the monthly subscriptions from our customers (so we know it works!).  And as an exclusive special offer, London and Zurich are offering Liquid customers £100 off the set-up fee of £350.

Direct Debit is a very efficient method of collecting regular payments on their due date, thus maximizing your businesses cash flow with the confidence of a full reporting back up. It can be an important and integral part of your business and London & Zurich knows just how to deliver the right solution to Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies.  

You can now offer your customers the opportunity to spread the costs of your service or products across a pre -agreed term with the full control managed on line.  This should generate more sales and achieve greater customer loyalty whilst providing improved control over your debtors and cash.

The Direct Debit Guarantee also protects your customers giving them peace of mind when subscribing to the service.

If you would be interested in this service, or want to find out more, please speak to our sales team on 0845 450 7304, sales@liquidaccounts.net

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