It is that time of year again when the employer annual returns are due to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The table below which outlines some of the key tasks and deadlines.

Task Deadline
Outstanding PAYE tax and Class 1 NICs – postal payments must reach your HMRC Accounts Office 19 April
Outstanding PAYE tax and Class 1 NIC – cleared electronic payments reach HMRC bank accountAs the 22 April 2011 falls on a bank holiday, your cleared payment must reach our bank account no later than the last bank working day before that date 22 April
File your employer annual return (P35 and P14s)If you are exempt from the requirement to file your employer annual return online your paper return must reach your HMRC office by 19 May 19 May
Give each relevant employee a form P60 31 May
File expenses and benefits annual return (forms P11D, P9D and P11D(b)) if applicable – give a copy to your employeesThis is the last date for your from P9D and forms P11D, or substitutes. P11D(b) to reach your HMRC office 6 July
Class 1A NICs – postal payments must reach your HMRC accounts office 19 July
Class 1A NICs – cleared electronic payments must reach HMRC bank account 22 July

Almost all employers are now required to send their employer annual return, form P35 and forms P14, to HMRC online.

There are some exceptions to the rule where certain groups have the option of filing their return either online or on paper:

And there are also certain groups that must file on paper:

Further guidance for filing on paper can be found within the E10: Finishing the tax year on HMRC’s website.

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