As reported heavily in the news recently, due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, many flights have been disrupted, leaving people stranded. With the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) estimating that the disruption costs the UK economy around £100m per day, businesses using cloud services have a distinct advantage over those that are still using traditional offline software.

For many business owners who need to keep a constant track of their company accounts, the flight disruption provided a serious problem, as they had to wait until they returned to their offices in the UK before being faced with a heavy backlog of financial figures to process.

For Liquid users, however, the ash cloud is just a minor inconvenience, as they are able to access their accounts, wherever they are stranded. Given the online nature of Liquid’s award-winning accounting system, up-to-date figures can be accessed from any location across the world via an Internet connection. This means that the business is not disrupted for those companies who are already ‘in the cloud’, as they can work from any location.

One Liquid user who was stuck abroad due to the flight chaos last year was Kevin Doyle, founder and MD of Construction Research Ltd. When the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted on 14th April 2010, Kevin was located in France and couldn’t make it back to the UK for another 5 days. However, he was simply able to log in to Liquid from his hotel and liaise with his accountant in the UK, to keep his company accounts correct and up-to-date.

Having switched to Liquid in June 2009, Kevin does all of his business accounting online using Liquid’s cloud accounting software. Speaking about Liquid’s cloud accounting software, Kevin said:

‘We originally moved our accounts to Liquid because of the uncertainty of internal back ups and protection against theft and fire.’

‘The ability to log on and access full accounting information from anywhere in the world is an added bonus. As long as I have an Internet connection I can analyse and review sales, profits, customer history or indeed customer payments, instantly from anywhere in the world.’

Speaking on the subject of cloud accounting helping businesses in unforeseen circumstances, Liquid’s MD, Matt Holmes, said:

‘The recent volcanic ash cloud provides yet another example of how doing your company accounts online is of direct benefit to the success of small businesses.’

‘We saw this winter how the heavy snow caused widespread disruption to businesses throughout the UK. For those Liquid clients that are ‘in the cloud’, there was no pressure to brave the bad weather to get into the office, as they could run their business from home and maintain control of their finances.’

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