Running a successful e-commerce business involves managing a great-looking website, maintaining strong connections with suppliers, and finding the best marketing techniques for your brand. But working away behind the scenes of every lively retail site is also a highly capable accounting operation.

Any entrepreneur worth their salt will dedicate as much time to keeping company finances in check as they do to other elements of their business. But balancing the books doesn’t have to be a chore. Liquid Accounts offer two cloud accounting solutions for e-commerce business owners – Express and Enterprise – which make effective financial organisation a breeze.

Here are the main ways in which Liquid software can help you streamline your e-commerce accounting.


Just starting out? You need Liquid Express…

Have you been running an e-commerce business for less than 18 months? Are you still managing all your data on Excel spreadsheets? Liquid Express is the best solution for you.

Express is ideal for entry-level sellers because it never encroaches on budgetary or structural limits. You can pay for exactly what you want as you go along – with a modular design offering a fully scalable solution that contracts or expands alongside your business.

The initial few months running an e-commerce company will invariably be a turbulent time as you experience a considerable range of ups and downs. With Express, you always have an accounting service on hand that meets your ever-changing needs.

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Liquid Enterprise: higher level accounting

If you’ve already established your brand in the e-commerce sector and have found your ideal audience, a small but flexible cloud accounting solution like Liquid Express will often still be sufficient. However, in order to truly excel and maximise your profit margins, it is worth taking the step up to higher level accounting with Liquid Enterprise.

This is one of the more advanced accounting solutions available from Liquid – designed to resolve complex problems specific to your market.

There are a number of add-ons and modules to choose from, including Advanced Stock (which gives you the option to create a Bill of Materials and take advantage of multi-warehousing for products on hand), along with Sales and Purchase Order Processing plugins that condense key data into single, easy-to-read documents.

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Learn more about e-commerce cloud accounting

Cloud accounting offers complete visibility over your inventory and finances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – connecting seamlessly to your warehouse, payroll system and bank accounts.

With Liquid, you’re free to select the kind of accounting software that suits the size and scope of your business.


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