If you need to issue a refund to a customer (for example, if a customer has overpaid for something) you will need to record this in your accounts, as money is actually changing hands and it will show on your bank statement.  (Note: You can only issue a credit note if something has been invoiced incorrectly and no payment has been made)

  1. Simply, click on the Sales tab and then click Money Collected.
  2. Type in or select the customer in the Search field at the top of the page to view their sales transactions.
  3. To issue a full refund tick the Select box next to the desired transaction.
  4. Select the bank account and the date.
  5. The correct amount will appear in the Amount field (as a negative number).  Press Save/Allocate.
  6. The refund will now be allocated against that sales receipt.

Partial Refund

To issue a partial refund, tick the Select box next to the desired transaction.  Delete the full amount in the To Allocate field and type in the amount to be refunded.

Follow steps 4-6 above.

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