Substantial growth in enterprise cloud computing is set to continue throughout this year and into the next, according to a recent study.

Findings from TheInfoPro, a service of 451 Research, discovered that 69% of businesses surveyed who have separate budgets for cloud computing expect their spending to increase. When you consider these figures, the benefits of using the cloud software are obvious.

This included the remainder of 2013 and throughout 2014, suggesting considerable growth for the use of services.

As well as this, the study discovered that infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) activity has doubled to around 30% of all projects.

It is not entirely straightforward though, as 83% of respondents have faced some kind of stumbling block with the implementation of cloud initiatives.

That figure is up by 9% on the end of 2012, although IT-based obstacles have fallen by 15%.

Peter Ffoulkes, TheInfoPro’s research director for cloud computing, said: ‘As organisations are completing their transition to a virtualised datacentre infrastructure, their focus is switching rapidly to cloud computing projects.’

Included in the uptake of cloud solutions in the need for sufficient security and data recovery plans, to reduce the risks associated with managing large scale sets of data.

In most cases, technology is in place that allows for the quick restoration of data should any problems occur.

Other uses of the cloud are extending into financial aspects and cloud accounting, as the processes involved can be made more efficient.

Furthermore, data can be easily scaled using the solutions available, meaning greater analysis can be carried out with fewer staff required.

This frees up staff to focus on other aspects of the business, streamlining it and working on viable solutions to get ahead in the market place.

As businesses are prepared to pump more money into cloud solutions, those offering various aspects of the cloud are set to benefit.

It is hoped that that the rising income being pumped into cloud will have a positive impact on the overall health of the economy, not just in the IT sector.

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