HM Revenue & Customs has amended PAYE regulations to allow employers the right to issue electronic P60s from 6 April.

The Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP) has lobbied on the issue for several years and published a survey last year showing that 90% of its members were in favour of digital P60s.

This is great news for businesses as the HMRC has shown that it wants to work with employers to help reduce their payroll burdens.

Using eP60s can offer a quicker and safer method of distribution, as well as helping alleviate the risk of identity fraud.

Here at Liquid we have introduced an integrated Payroll module where you can file your payroll online and begin emailing payslips to your employees.  Our payroll module is designed to save you time and money and make it easier to run your business- so sending eP6’s couldn’t be simpler with Liquid!

Almost all employers are already required to submit P35s and P14s online, and from April 2011 all employers will also be required to submit P45s and P46s electronically.

If you would like to add on Payroll to your Liquid Accounts subscription you can read more about Liquid Accounts Payroll here and get in touch with our sales team on 0845 450 7304 or email sales@liquidaccounts.net


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