In the event that home working becomes necessary, here are some helpful pointers so you are ready – some need preparing now, or you may have questions that need answering, so please read carefully and contact Support if you have any queries.

Tools to be used:

  • Clocking software
  • Web app for accessing email
  • Cloud productivity apps – CRM, HelpDesk, Messaging etc
  • Shared file space in the cloud – for shared files normally accessed at the office
  • VOIP phone – either via a handset or a soft client
  • PC or laptop from home
  • PC at the office
  • Sync account on your browser(s)


Daily routine



  • As part of your duty of care to your employees, you need to know where they are and that they are safe
  • A cloud based clocking system answers this requirement and can be accessed either via a web browser or a smartphone
  • There are plenty out there and a Google search will provide you with many options
  • As part of this, you may wish to check that any employees working from home have a suitable working space, and that the equipment they are using is fit for the job – a simple Skype of Facetime session is a quick way for you to ensure your staff have somewhere safe and suitable to work from



  • Ensure your employees can access company email – if you use Outlook or Exchange check out the Microsoft Mail web application
  • All of the Office apps for your smartphone are free from the Apple or Google shop, so encourage staff to download and set them up in advance


Cloud productivity apps

  • The current situation brings home the need for your business systems to be resilient
  • To achieve this, we at Pastel-Liquid have chosen the Zoho range as our supplier day to day productivity apps – this gives us tools such as CRM for sales and marketing, Helpdesk software for the support team, Subscriptions to manage customer billings and payments, for example – over 50 apps are available
  • Cliq – a Zoho internal messaging function that you can use to communicate with your colleagues – is especially useful when your staff are all working from home and they need to communicate without blocking work phone lines
  • We work with one of the UK’s largest Zoho specialists and can set up a no obligation discussion with them if you wished to go over the option



  • We now have 100% VOIP phones in use in our business and have successfully used them with very few problems for over 5 years now – we recommend them to everyone
  • All VOIP phone systems come with a “soft client” which you install on a smartphone and this allows you to make and receive calls as though using your desk phone
  • Alternatively, most VOIP phones can be taken home and plugged into your home router and will work as though sat on your desk
  • Either option allows you to continue providing service and maintain your business
  • We have chosen Plum Communications – – as our provider for the last 5 years and they have provided us with a great service


Remote PC access

  • While your staff are working at home, they may use a home PC or a laptop
  • this means they may need to connect remotely to their work PC so they can obtain relevant information
  • If In this case, remote connection software is needed – Zoho offer Assist which is simple to use and fast – there are many others out there also


Browser sync

  • An easy piece of advice is to create a Sync Account on your browser(s) – one for each browser you use
  • This saves all of your bookmarks, tabs, password and browsing history
  • This means such information is available on your browser wherever you are, and keeps it in sync across all your devices
  • If you are unsure of how to do this, Google it or contact our support team – there are simple to follow instructions for each of the main browsers, all of which offer a sync account function


We are happy to discuss any of the above with you at any stage – please call us on 0161 413 5050 or email us at and we will do our best to assist you.

Thank you and Good Luck