Accounting software has many more benefits than simply making finance management easier. It can also significantly increase your enterprise’s productivity.

This boost comes through a variety of forms. Here, we explore four of them…

Improves collaboration

Accounting tools, specifically those that are in the cloud, will help people work together much easier. This is for both internal team members and any external stakeholders. It works in real time, allowing every party to be kept continuously up to date. With each person fully informed, communication will flow much better.

As a result, software helps avoid any potential conflicts from misinformation or communication delay. On top of this, teams will be able to collaborate sooner to create the needed outcomes. Output will then increase, and this will lead to better employee morale and satisfaction. In turn, productivity will only further amplify.

Boosts efficiency

Such collaboration will escalate the efficiency of your business. But accounting software enables this in other ways too. As these tools are much quicker than traditional systems, you’ll have more time for other tasks. In-house teams and accountants alike can focus their attention elsewhere.

There are so many functionalities which will help to speed up your processes. These include bank mapping features, which set up and match parameters between it and your bank, meaning manual entry is no longer required.

Increases accuracy

You’ll also benefit from increased speed because bookkeeping software can significantly reduce the risk of mistakes. The tools’ advanced capabilities ensure that these are kept to a minimum. It will be much easier to perform finance-related tasks (like report analysis) with precision.

Your business will have more time available as you won’t spend it rectifying errors.

Integrates seamlessly

Both efficiency and accuracy will be delivered by having the right data to hand. If you have effective small business accounting software, then you can connect up various platforms so that there’s no duplicate data. The information can feed into each other, allowing for everything to work together seamlessly.

The integration you have access to will depend on the software supplier you choose. With Liquid Accounts, we have an API that allows for a wide range of platforms to be synced. These include e-commerce tools like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, PayPal and eBay. You can link up sales and marketing platforms too, such as Capsule and ZigZag. Liquid even has SumUp and Tilgo integration for businesses that take card payments.

We will truly bring everything together so that your business can be its most productive. Whatever you need help with, our business accounts software can assist – from providing an MTD VAT Filer to take your accounting into the digital age to streamlining your payroll management.

On top of this, we have a team of experts who are happy to support you. To discuss how our tools could help your productivity and beyond, get in touch with us today. Simply call 0161 413 5050 or email info@liquidaccounts.com.

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