It’s likely that you’ve been told about businesses switching from on-premise systems to cloud accounting. Yet, if you’ve not made the move yourself, you may be worried. Will it take up too much time? Is business downtime a possibility? Can you really adapt to new tools so soon?

Choose the right software, and you’ll experience an easy-as-can-be changeover. In this guide, we take you through everything that you’ll need from your cloud accounting tools to guarantee a smooth switch.

Familiarity: option of Sage 50 nominal code structure

Switching from a system you know like the back of your hand, to one that is completely foreign, will only make the transition period longer. Liquid Accounts’ software provides the option of the Sage 50 nominal code structure. Therefore, you’re not forced into learning a new one, and will find adapting to the cloud much easier.

No duplicates: historical data conversion

The Sage 50 nominal code structure isn’t the only familiar aspect of Liquid. You’ll have access to all the information from your on-premise software. It’s brought to you via our historical data conversion tool. Ready-to-use, there will be no time delay in actioning your accounts. Plus, you won’t have to enter the information yourself, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business instead.

Always improving: built-in advanced modules

Liquid software offers the choice of advanced modules to power your business forwards, allowing you to think about the future. Included is a full, five-level segmented Ledger, Advanced Stock and integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento. Plus, we add in extra modules and upgrade them regularly so that you’ll have the optimal tools at your fingertips. The updates are essentially invisible too, so they won’t interfere with your work.

Lesser workload: reduced IT requirements

The manual updates associated with on-premise software is a thing of the past. Not only will these be performed automatically by Liquid, we’ll back up your data onto our secure servers continuously too. In fact, your IT workload will be significantly lessened from the off – there’s no need to install or register the tools like there is with desktop software. Plus, with Liquid’s experienced technicians at hand, you’ll always have support.

Add-ons available: for all accounting aspects

Your accounts can be made even more seamless by specific supporting add-ons. The Liquid software includes a Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT Filer. If you don’t need to move to MTD, then our tools also support the previous VAT filing system. And if you have employees, then you can ensure they’re paid correctly with our Cloud Payroll Add-on: Liquid Payroll. This works in tune with Liquid Accounts, automatically updating the accounting software whenever staff are paid.

Simple pay system: suits your needs

On top of these other benefits, you won’t struggle to get your head around what you’re paying or be met with expensive subscription charges. Liquid’s pricing is fully transparent, and incredibly good value for money. You can choose a pay structure that suits you too. Pay once a year or select a 12-month contract that ensures you can maintain cash flow via monthly instalments.

All these features combined provides the smoothest transition to cloud accounting available. To benefit from the move sooner, get in touch with our friendly team. Call 0161 413 5050 or message info@liquidaccounts.com.

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