In the modern digital world, pretty much everything is expected to be online – including accounting. In fact, it’s topping the list for the most helpful types of cloud tools, and this is because it allows you to not just meet client needs – but exceed them.

Join us as we explore the exact benefits of cloud accounting software that will empower you to provide the ultimate offering as an accountant.


As the cloud works in real-time, you’ll have the most recent data to act on. The chances of any errors reduce significantly too, especially as the software performs laborious administration tasks like data-entry. Plus, the tools carry out more complicated parts of accounting, such as calculations.

Enterprise accounting software can deliver incredibly valuable insights too. If the information is always correct, then there won’t be any inaccurate analysis either. Clients will be pleased by this precision, and you’ll avoid any mistakes that could spiral into negative experiences, making recommendations much more likely.


The data always being live has another benefit: being able to work together seamlessly. Being in sync with your clients will not only boost efficiency and productivity but can also help make the entire accounting process simpler. Whilst you can still take accounting off your client’s hands, it will become a much more cooperative process.

Gone are the days of them sending you stacks of receipts and you having to chase for information continuously. It’s likely they will get back to you quicker too. The software can be accessed from anywhere, meaning they have the option to complete tasks whilst they’re on the go.


You might find clients have one concern if you switch over to the cloud: the safety of their data. But you can easily address this. Data is encrypted, giving it maximum protection – and this is much safer than files being kept on office desks, leaving them open to theft.

A burglary, or a flood or fire could lead to data being lost. So effective backup methods would be required – which cloud accounting software already has in place. Data loss can lead many to lose trust in a firm, so ensuring this doesn’t happen is of utmost importance. It could also result in business downtime whilst you rectify the situation.

With your accounting systems in the cloud, you’ll be able to focus on driving your enterprise forward, instead of all the issues associated with traditional accounts and tools. And with Liquid, you can add sustainability to your offering – our software is completely paperless.

There are a range of advanced features to benefit you and your clients – from unlimited invoicing, bank mapping and handy functionalities like VAT filing.

Want to finally wave goodbye to mundane and troublesome tasks? Simply get in touch with the Liquid team today, and we’ll discuss how a partnership with us will help you meet your clients’ needs.

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