Enterprises are increasing their average monthly spend on cloud by around 45%, highlighting the fact that cloud environments are becoming more mainstream.

According to a study from communications company Verizon, cloud is growing in importance for many companies and is quickly being seen as critical to business strategy.

They conducted their research across an 18-month period between January 2012 and June 2013, with cloud-based storage capabilities increasing by up to 90% in that time.

The report examined the current state of the enterprise cloud, using a survey to highlight how almost half of professionals prefer cloud to more traditional software packages when investments are concerned.

These can include any number of software packages, including for storage space, business planning and accounting software.

Verizon listed six main reasons for the improved state of cloud implementation – cost, provisioning speed, compliance, focus, performance and accessibility.

However the report also points out that many businesses are still in the early stages of implementation and as a result are only risking low commodity items.

This is partially due to it being a relatively new concept, with many companies unsure of the security in place with such systems.

As a result, they are slow in the uptake of the technology as they do not want to take what they feel are unnecessary risks.

The report also notes that the future should see a move towards more hybrid systems, allowing greater flexibility while still experiencing the advantages of greater data and application control.

Meanwhile, Gartner have suggested that cloud software is becoming more important in driving tactical business decisions and in finding suitable solutions.

Both pieces of research highlight the growing popularity of cloud for expansive business practices, showing how more and more businesses are keen to embrace it.

The solutions it offers when compared to older more traditional IT methods mean cloud is quickly becoming the software of choice for many businesses.

As its popularity continues to grow it is likely that more and more companies will choose to explore whether or not the solutions will work for them.

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