Version 8 will include a number of additional modules adding to Liquid’s position as the most cost-effective, functionality-rich and flexible cloud accounting system on the market.

Liquid Accounts is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Technical Development Manager, Adebola Ayoola.  Adebola, who has a degree in Computer Science, has a track record as a senior developer creating online systems for managing ticketing, registration, subscriptions, and auctions, and various applications for the finance industry.

Liquid Accounts’ Managing Director, Matt Holmes said:

‘Adebola is one of the best programmers I’ve ever come across and we’re lucky to have her on the team.  She initially came to us via an agency on a 3-month temporary contract and has been successful in securing the new permanent post of Technical Development Manager.  Already, in that time she has helped us develop a number of key improvements to our system, and has been a driving force in helping us develop version 8 of our software, which will be released at the beginning of August.’

Coming only 4 months after the release of Liquid Accounts Version 7 , Version 8 will include a number of new additional modules such as contact management, timesheets, advanced stock control and stock builder, extra job costing functionality (developed with marketing and design agencies in mind) and the ability to scan and upload invoices and other documentation that’s relevant to your accounts; getting rid of the need for files and files of paper copies of everything, and  making sure that everything is kept together in one place).

Matt commented:

‘These are all extras that our customers have been asking for and that we’re happy to develop for them if the demand is there.  What we’re finding now is that companies are coming to us specifically because they want a range of functionality from their accounting software that isn’t catered for elsewhere, particularly in the online marketplace.  These may be small companies with very specific needs, but more and more we’re seeing mid-sized companies embracing cloud.  For example, we recently had a group of 6 companies who signed up on the advice of their accountant because they needed payroll for 100+ employees, plus stock control, purchase order processing and sales order processing, and the ability to manage everything centrally, without having to pay the earth – and that’s exactly what we offer!  As one recent post from an accountant on community site, AccountingWeb said, ‘Liquid is like Sage 200 only much better!”

Adebola will report directly to MD, Matt Holmes and will work alongside Jon Wright, Technical Director, accountant and co-founder of Liquid Accounts.  She will manage both the development and support teams.  Her appointment will free up time for both Matt and Jon, who are the original developers of Liquid Accounts, to concentrate on business development and their roles as directors of the company.

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