Liquid is pleased to announce that, alongside its recent accreditation from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and review in the Institute of Chartered Accountants’ of England and Wales (ICAEW) Guide to Online Accounting, it has now also gained ICAEW accreditation.

ICAEW accreditation

Marketing Director, Lisa Kendrick, said, ‘We have been working towards accreditation for some time and are proud that our software has been approved almost simultaneously by both prestigious organisations. We felt that it was important to have our software checked and tested by the industry’s governing bodies so that accountants and bookkeepers have an objective review of our software that they can trust. And the good news is that both organisations gave us the thumbs up! The ICAEW said that ours is ‘a strong user-friendly system that is well supported’ whilst the ICB said that we have ‘the potential to make life much easier for a bookkeeping practice and its clients’. We currently also feature in the ICAEW’s Guide to Online Accounting which says that our software ‘offers a depth of functionality that is unusual in online accounting systems, but this is masked with a veneer of simplicity‘, all of which gives us excellent credibility within the accounting community.‘

Liquid’s software was evaluated by an approved assessor from leading independent Chartered Accountants, Baker Tilly. The accreditation lasts for 3 years, and the full accreditation document is available via the ICAEW’s website.
Matt Holmes, Liquid Accounts’ MD said, ‘We are pleased to have gained accreditation and such positive reviews. We work with a number of accountants and bookkeepers who have built their service around Liquid Accounts because it makes life so much easier for them. They can work remotely with clients and save time and money all-round. And we’ve built the software in such a way that it suits both business owner (for accessing essential business information) and accountants and bookkeepers (for inputting and accessing data quickly and easily).”

The ICAEW’s accreditation process is a gruelling process that takes several months to complete. After an approved evaluator is appointed, the company has to complete an incredibly lengthy (95 page), detailed questionnaire that investigates every aspect of the software, its security, architecture, usability, robustness and suitability for use by accountants. This questionnaire is then reviewed by the evaluator together with a representative from the company. The evaluator then goes through the questionnaire and independently verifies every answer themselves. The completed evaluation is then passed on to the ICAEW for approval. Once it’s signed off the ICAEW Scheme Manager has a post evaluation meeting with the company and completes a mini confidential due diligence to verify that the company is genuine and commercially viable.

To read the review written by the ICAEW click here.

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