John Toon, Associate Director at Montpelier Chartered Accountants gave the thumbs up to Liquid Accounts recently saying that it’s ‘similar to Xero but takes the concept one step further’ and that ‘Liquid is like [Sage] 200 only much better’.

He posted his thoughts on online community, AccountingWeb, in reply to a question posted by a fellow accountant looking for advice on which online accounting software to choose for their practice.  John said:

“We’ve been using Xero and Liquid accounts pretty much ever since they were released in the UK and they are great and getting better. As most other respondents have said Xero is intuitive, has great bank feeds and it’s free for accountants to partner with.

Liquid accounts is very similar to Xero but takes the concept one step further, with extras such as payroll processing, order processing, stock management etc. If you were to compare the two to boring old Sage products Xero is like Line50 or Instant and Liquid is like 200 only much better 🙂

It has to be said we considered some of the other options available such as Freeagent and Orbit but they didn’t really do everything we wanted from them, plus the costs didn’t seem to provide sufficient benefit when compared to the above.”

In response, Liquid Accounts’ Marketing Director, Lisa Kendrick said:

‘We’re very greatful to John for his comments; it’s always nice to get a genuine and spontaneous endorsement from a satisfied customer.  What I think was evident from the discussion, however, is that accountants are now starting to realise that there are a range of cloud accounting options out there and that a practice doesn’t necessarily have to be tied into a single option but can have several packages that they know and trust and can recommend to clients depending on their individual needs.  As John has said, Liquid Accounts and Xero are both great packages with different benefits that may suit different companies.      

And the other point made was that cloud accounting can have benefits over traditional desk-top accounting software because its more flexible, automated and can talk to other systems (like email or online banking), and that there are definite time and cost-savings for the accountants themselves, as well as their clients; no more licence fees and club memberships!’  

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