Online accounting software market-leader, Liquid Accounts is pleased to announce the launch of their software’s brand new look with Liquid Accounts version 7.

The new look will be available to existing customers from this weekend and will be unveiled to the public at the TechMesh Cloud event ‘Grow your Business through Practical Cloud Computing’ on 17th March in Leeds.  Matt Holmes, Liquid Accounts Managing Director will be demoing the new software for the first time, alongside Liquid clients, Andy Earnshaw from SMileS Business Text Messaging Service  and Roger Stocker from IMtelligence, the Intelligent Information Management Network who will be available to talk about their experiences of moving to the cloud.

The new software includes, updated menu lay-outs and tabs and a more sleek and up-to-date style, plus a number of new features and functionality improvements:

  1. Easy input of recurring transactions (allowing you to add monthly bills and expenses such as rent or utilities just once)
  2. One click email of invoices, order, statements, remittances (allowing you to send all your paperwork quickly and easily by email)
  3. One click cash payments (allowing you to take a payment, create an invoice, and allocate the payment all in one go – great for shops and cash-based businesses)
  4. Optional integrated Liquid Payroll module.

Matt said, ‘Everything in this new release has been requested by our clients, and we’re now one of only cloud accounting companies to offer integrated payroll.  We’ve been using Liquid Payroll ourselves for 4 years, and it’s been available for some of our larger bespoke clients.  However due to increased demand we felt that now was the time to revamp it and release it for our smaller clients as well. It fits well with our ethos of creating software that can grow with your business.

‘As well as being fully integrated with your accounts, it allows you to file your payroll online and email payslips.  And the big advantage of using cloud/online payroll is that (as well as it being fully integrated with your accounts so that all payroll payments and deductions are automatically recorded), whenever the rules and regulations change, your package will be automatically updated to reflect that.’

TechMesh’s Cloud event is being held at DLA Piper UK LLP, Princes Exchange Square, Leeds on the 17th March from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. The event aims to address how Cloud Computing is revolutionising the business world, helping you spot new technologies that can help save your business time and money.  There will be opportunities to network with like-minded peers and to hear from guest speakers from inside and outside the industry discussing the practicalities of the Cloud, and their experiences of implementing and using it.  To find out more or book a place visit their website or email info@techmesh.org

If you’d like to see the new version of Liquid Accounts for yourself, or find out more about Liquid Payroll, please visit the website or speak to our sales team, about a webinar on 0845 450 7304 or sales@liquidaccounts.net

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