This is a very exciting development both for the economy and business in Yorkshire as a whole, and also for the digital sector in Yorkshire (of which we are a part).

It confirms the move towards online technology and the rise of Software as a Service/Cloud Computing – like Liquid Accounts – as the new, better way of doing things.  We offer easier, automated, cheaper and more efficient ways of running your business and keeping on top of our business finances (which is crucial in the current economic climate) and super-fast broadband guarantees that everyone can have access to this sort of software and the advantages it brings.   (Yorkshire Forward’s own Benchmarking Study has identified that businesses are much more likely to succeed if they are making use of available technology and are using software to do their accounting – and Liquid Accounts is therefore an ideal solution on both these counts).

At 3x the current maximum broadband speed, it guarantees that online software will work as fast as if you had your own server on your own premises (which most small companies can’t afford and don’t have the expertise to manage!) and allows you to take advantage of the added flexibility, mobility, automation, integration, cost and time-savings, while we, the experts, take care of the technology, back-ups, security, upgrades etc.

At the moment people can have issues with their broadband at peak times and depending where they are, because the speed and bandwidth is limited by the existing telephone/cable network or because they have to share the bandwidth with their neighbours, but this will get rid of those issues, frustrations and worries (and essentially barriers to going online).

Online applications live and die by their speed – we’re recognised in our industry as having a fast application (we demonstrated it to a company in the US – from our office in Huddersfield – via our servers in Gloucester – and they said that it was running faster than their own software on their own machines!), but we can be the best there is but if you’re broadband isn’t good enough or fast enough you may not get the full benefit of using online software.      

And if you’re using something more sophisticated where lots of data is being sent backwards and forwards all the time – for example if you’re an using epos/bar code scanning in a shop or have an online/ebay shop (we have 1 customer who has 1 million transactions a month from his ebay shop!) or are a larger enterprise-type company – you need the best possible connection you can get – and it isn’t always available.  (Traditional ways of doing things can be slow too – how many times have you been at the check-out in a shop, trying to pay by card, but the line is busy? – but our solution is fully integrated with your accounts and automatically updates them in real time, and it can be linked to anything else you need like stock control, CRM, sales and order processing)  

It will allow people more flexibility and mobility in the way they work (with online software you can work from anywhere with an internet connection).  It will give businesses access to the latest technology and software (like ours) which will put them one step ahead, whilst saving them time and money.  And it will allow companies like ours to develop even smoother and more sophisticated ways of improving our services and helping businesses succeed.  In fact, we may even consider moving our infrastructure to South Yorkshire to take advantage of this in order to help us do what we do better!

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