Liquid is pleased to announce its latest partnerships with Now Let’s Get Started, AltruWorld and Daily Express Franchising. These three online business development services provide a range of information for business owners and are official resellers of Liquid’s award-winning software.

Now Let’s Get Started provides help, information and a wide range of support services to help people set up and run their own business.  For those who are setting up their own business, NLGS is a great place to start and get their business up and running.

AltruWorld connects suppliers and customers quicker and cheaper than advertising, through an online community that matches registered suppliers’ services and products to customers’ needs, whilst protecting privacy, in an affordable and environmentally friendly way. Suppliers control who they reply to and customers control who contact them.

Daily Express Franchising provides franchising support and promotes the services of new and existing franchisors and franchisees in an online community. They provide all the latest news on available franchises and hold a huge industry database of businesses looking for new franchises.

Speaking about the latest partnerships, Liquid’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Richard Holmes, said:

‘Liquid aims to actively build partnerships with other expert companies who offer complementary services that we believe are of benefit to our clients and can enhance the service we offer.

As an ethical company, keen to help small businesses grow, we are delighted to be partnering with these three online business development services.  As our software is fully scalable and perfect for start-ups and SMEs, we are interested in helping small businesses grow, and these partnerships allow us to do that. Also, the fact that our software has multi-user capability means that it is ideal for franchises who operate in multiple locations.

The partnership means that all three online services will offer Liquid’s award-winning software to their members and website visitors.’

Liquid is looking for new partners as part of our Accredited Partner Programme. For further information on how to become a partner of Liquid Accounts, contact our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Richard Holmes, by emailing richard.holmes@liquidaccounts.net or visit the Partners page on our website.

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