Liquid founder and Marketing Director, Lisa Kendrick, has been booked as keynote speaker at the upcoming Connect Yorkshire event, ‘Aspire to Inspire’. The event, to be held in Leeds on Wednesday 26th May, will give an insight into The Aspire Fund, a government funding and development agency, which supports women-led businesses throughout the UK.

Lisa’s role as a founder of Liquid resulted in The Aspire Fund providing part of the £770,000 investment deal, which was signed earlier this year. The investment and support received from The Aspire Fund has allowed Liquid to spend more time and attention on the marketing and PR of the award-winning online accounting software.

As a result of Liquid’s relationship with The Aspire Fund, Lisa has been asked to speak about the success story of Liquid over the past few years at the upcoming event in Leeds. Lisa will be speaking about her inspiring story and experiences in growing Liquid into a leading online accounting software company.

Liquid Marketing Director, Lisa Kendrick, said:

Having just completed our first major funding round, I can safely say that we wouldn’t be here without the support of both Connect Yorkshire and The Aspire Fund. Connect Yorkshire has been an invaluable source of information, contacts and opportunities, over several years and The Aspire Fund believed in both myself and Liquid Accounts enough to put in 40% of our required investment.

Building a business is a rollercoaster ride from the start and I can understand why many business owners, particularly women, shy away from the added complications and uncertainty of raising investment – and it’s definitely not an easy option for achieving your ambitions. However, in the end, the benefits do outweigh the downsides: in the 3 months since we completed our deal we’ve seen a boost to moral and motivation, an increase in our credibility, exposure, and all-important sales, doors opening that didn’t even previously exist, and on top of that, our investors have formed a team of ambassadors for our company with a wealth of expertise, ideas and contacts that money couldn’t buy.

Connect Yorkshire is working with The Aspire Fund Manager, Capital for Enterprise Ltd, the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology to promote the fund amongst female entrepreneurs in the region.

The Aspire Fund was established with the objective of increasing the number of successful women led businesses in the UK. The Fund is able to make equity investments of between £100k and £1m, on a co-investment basis, in order to strengthen business growth. A key element of the fund will be to seek to improve the linkage between those providing funding and those providing investment readiness support.

For more information about the event from Connect Yorkshire, visit their website. To learn more about The Aspire Fund and how they help women-led businesses, click here. Also, for more information about Liquid’s upcoming events, visit our regularly updated Latest News section via our website or Twitter.

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