Liquid Accounts’ award-winning online accounting software is revolutionising the way in which businesses of all sizes track their company accounts. As Liquid aims to take the stress out of accounting, we aim to spread the word of ‘Cloud Accounting’ to enable more people to be able to track their company accounts wherever and whenever they want.

As more and more companies in recent times have made the switch to Apple Mac, many traditional offline accounting software packages, which do not cater for Mac users, are becoming obsolete. In many cases, this has resulted in some companies doing all of their regular work on Mac, whilst having a PC running Windows specifically for doing their company accounts. With Liquid, the Mac-friendly online format means that any employee within a company, no matter where they are based, can look at the company accounts whether they are using Mac or Windows.

One Liquid client had this same issue before signing up. The Sharp Agency, a communications agency based in Huddersfield, do all of their work on Apple Macs, meaning that they struggled to find a desktop accounting package that would cater for them. After being recommended Liquid’s Mac-friendly online software by their bookkeeper, The Sharp Agency made an immediate switch from Sage to Liquid Accounts.

‘We chose Liquid Accounts after being recommended by a few people about their easy-to-use online accounting software. One of the key reasons for our switch to Liquid Accounts was that, as a communications agency, we use Apple Macs everyday for our design work and we needed an accounting package that could be viewed in Mac format.

Liquid Accounts is one of those things that once you have it you can’t imagine being without; like Sky+ and online banking.’

Darlene Sharp, The Sharp Agency

Also, as Liquid can automatically transfer existing data from Sage into the Liquid system, this was one less thing to worry about, and they could pick up where they left off. To view our case study on The Sharp Agency, click here.

‘The introduction of Cloud Computing has meant that it is now much easier for Mac users to integrate all areas of their business. Previously, Mac users have been restricted in their selection of business and accounting software, with many desktop applications only catering for use with Windows. Cloud Accounting, however, is a step forward for all businesses who use Mac, as it is commonly perceived that all future business activity will be carried out online.

Especially for design and marketing agencies who use Mac for most of their work, it is essential that software is Mac compatible as more people are using this format within their business. Our online accounting software allows companies with a mix of PCs and Macs to access the company accounts without the trouble of saving and transferring data from one machine to another; it is all there for them online with up-to-date information.’

Matt Holmes, Managing Director at Liquid Accounts

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