Lynn Everson oversees finances at Cobbs Farm Co. – a collection of farm shops that specialise in local produce and support neighbouring farmers. As Group Financial Controller, she has complete overview of all eight sites and is responsible for the compliance of each. By utilising Liquid Accounts, Lynn is able to save resources by co-orchestrating the individual bookkeepers of each site.

Our software was originally incorporated by Director Gordon Montgomery in the earlier days of Cobbs Farm Co. And to this day, Lynn couldn’t imagine working without it. Thanks to Liquid Accounts, all the bookkeepers that operate within each of the separate sites are uniform in their work and can easily access the system. 

“All of our sites use Liquid,” says Lynn. “We have bookkeepers that work on more than one site, and we’re able to keep track of their work by all using the same system!

“We’re a small business, so we don’t have an IT expert in-house or anyone with additional IT skills. Having a smart cloud-based system like Liquid means that we can access each group’s accounts from everywhere, and we don’t feel like we’re missing that expertise in the business.

“Equally, the scale of our company requires that our staff work from home or from laptops – so we need flexibility and speed. We can’t afford to wait for multiple systems to update – the freedom of being able to work from a cloud-based software allows us to keep pace with one another. And when onboarding new staff, it’s easy for them to adopt our way of working.”

Lynn explained that they had recently upgraded to Liquid Enterprise and were already using the majority of the features on offer:

“We use it for everything – VAT, all our returns… the only thing that we haven’t adopted yet is the management reports. We currently export all those details and handle them separately, but we’re excited to start adding that to our processes as well.

“With Liquid at our side, we haven’t experienced any significant difficulty in our preparation for Making Tax Digital either. That, along with the flexibility of the software, is a key benefit for us.”

If you’re running multiple sites, you’ll know better than anyone that it can be time-consuming to align your financial procedures and policies. Join Lynn in enjoying a versatile solution by calling 0161 413 5050, or access our contact form for online support.

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