Over the last 3 days, Liquid’s MD, Matt Holmes, has spent time in Geneva, Switzerland giving training for one of Liquid’s larger clients, StarSupply Renewables.

StarSupply’s FD, Stefan Rask, hired Liquid to carry out some bespoke work on a deal manager application to integrate with the accounting software and flew Matt out to provide training on how to use the new updates. Matt demonstrated to Stefan and his team how easily Liquid’s software could be integrated with other systems in their business.

Matt Holmes, MD of Liquid, said:

Because we develop all of our software in-house, we are able to offer extra functionality and integration for those customers who require something that is a bit more tailored to their needs.

We also regularly talk to customers about improvements and extra functions that they’d like to see in the accounting package. If enough people ask for it or we think it’s something that people will need, it moves to the top of our development list and we create it.

StarSupply is one of Liquid’s largest clients, and carries out trade worth millions each year to clients across the world. They have been using Liquid’s cloud accounting software since the beginning of 2009 for it’s multi-currency and multi-location ability, and have expanded their Liquid package as they have grown.

Being a multi-national organisation, StarSupply use Liquid for the flexibility of the software package and its ability to meet their business requirements. Trading in Dollars, Euros and Sterling, StarSupply requires an accounting package that can cater for this requirement and Liquid’s highly regarded multi-currency function allows them to do this.

Speaking about Liquid’s flexible accounting package, StarSupply Renewables FD, Stefan Rask, said:

The killer point for us choosing Liquid was multi-currency – and it was no decision in the end. More than half of the others couldn’t do it! In reality today though, even a florist in somewhere like Huddersfield (where Liquid is based) will get orders from abroad from someone who will want to pay in Euros.

I needed something that I could configure in a week or two, but in fact it took 3 days to get Liquid as I wanted it. And I’d got something immediate and so flexible that I can change as I go along.

StarSupply provides fuel brokerage services across the globe in biofuels, energy and agricultural markets.  The company also has offices in Rotterdam, Buenos Aires and Chicago and uses Liquid’s multi-location capability to manage their business accounts online.

StarSupply has also recently launched SCB & Associates LLP, which provides services to businesses needing the collection of delinquent accounts. SCB also use Liquid’s award-winning software to manage their company accounts from their offices in Chicago, USA.

To learn more about how Liquid’s software can help you manage your accounts in multiple locations and currencies, visit our website or contact us at info@liquidaccounts.net for more information.

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