Liquid Accounts is offering a choice of 3 introductory offers to Sage customers whose packages have recently been declared obsolete.  

Over the last 3 months, Sage customers have seen version 12, version 13 (2007) and version 14 (2008) of both Sage 50 and Sage Instant declared ‘end of life’ in very quick succession, leaving many businesses using out-of-date system and unsure what to do about it.

Matt Holmes, MD of cloud accounting software specialist, Liquid Accounts says: ‘This is one of the big draw-backs of using traditional desk-top accounting software:  You start with the latest version which becomes out-of-date and needs regular updating and upgrading.  And eventually it becomes unviable for the software company to keep supporting it, and it becomes obsolete – at which point you have to buy a new product, or risk continuing to use something that can’t be fixed if it goes wrong.

‘In contrast, with cloud accounting software like Liquid Accounts, automatic upgrades are included in the low-cost monthly subscription; so you’re always up-to-date and on the latest version, without any pressure, hassle or extra cost.  And it’s easy to change or add to your subscription whenever you need by turning on (or even turning off) additional modules and functionality with the click of a button.’

On top of this, Liquid Accounts proposes that there are substantial cost-savings to be made by moving to cloud accounting from more traditional packages.

Matt commented, ‘If all you need is a very basic package with only 1 or 2 users then there probably isn’t much in it.  However, when you start looking at more users, and a range of non-standard functionality then the cost soon adds up, and with a one-size-fits-all solution, you may end up paying for modules that you don’t actually need, just to get the ones you do!’

Liquid’s saving of £3500, for example, is based on someone buying Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2011 for the maximum 10 users, and a subscription to SageCoverExtra to include the support and upgrades that would be included in your Liquid subscription (total cost £4520 plus VAT).

The equivalent Liquid package would include additional modules for advanced stock control, stock builder, job costing, sales order processing, purchase order processing and multi-currency and would cost £85pm plus VAT (or £1020 plus VAT per annum, with further discounts available for paying a year in advance).  This includes unlimited users, all support, automatic upgrades, back-ups, maintenance and storage, remote access, and free access and accounting tools for their accountant and/or bookkeeper.

Matt said, ‘Obviously, if you’ve bought a package, it’s yours for as long as you want to use it, but our figures show that that would need to be at least 3 or 4 years to equal the up-front saving you get from subscribing to Liquid. As a growing company, you may easily need to upgrade or move to another package with different functionality before then.  Cloud accounting offers an alternative that can grow and adapt with you, easily integrate with your web shop or other essential software, and let your accountant and bookkeeper work with you remotely without having to swap emails, files and pieces of paper.

‘A lot of small companies come to us with very specific needs that aren’t catered for by the well-known software on the market or if they are, the price is too prohibitive.  But more and more we’re also seeing mid-sized companies embracing cloud, for all the reasons I’ve just mentioned:  For example, we recently had a group of 6 companies who signed up on the advice of their accountant because they needed payroll for 100+ employees, plus stock control, purchase order processing and sales order processing, and the ability to manage everything centrally, without having to pay the earth – and that’s exactly what we offer!’

Liquid Accounts is offering Sage 50 and Sage Instant customers who need to upgrade from v12/13/14 three introductory special offers and extra savings:

  1. Subscribe to Liquid Cloud Accounting and get 3 additional modules for a total monthly subscription of £35pm (a saving of up to 50%).  Additional modules include payroll, stock control, multi-currency, job costing, purchase order processing, sales order processing, integration with e-commerce system. (Reseller Code: Sage001)
  2. Free import of opening balances from Sage (Reseller Code: Sage002)
  3. 60 days for free trial (instead of the standard 30 day trial) (Reseller Code: Sage003)

For further details are available by contacting sales@liquidaccounts.net, 0845 450 7304, and quoting the code: SAGE OFFER.  Alternatively, customers can sign-up via the website and use the appropriate reseller code.

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