The Government has announced that the national minimum wage is to be increased by 15p an hour to £6.08 from 1st October 2011, benefiting almost a million workers.

Ministers have said that they have accepted the 2.5% increase recommendations from the Low Pay Commission, the complete changes are shown below:

National Minimum Wage CURRENT RATE With effect from 1st Oct 10 NEW RATE With effect from 1st Oct 11
Aged 21 and above:- £5.93 per hour £6.08 per hour
Aged 18 to 20 (inc.):- £4.92 per hour £4.98 per hour
Training Rate*:- £4.92 per hour £4.98 per hour
Aged 16 and 17:- £3.64 per hour £3.68 per hour
Apprenticeship Rate** £2.50 per hour £2.60 per hour
*Paid for the first 6 months of employment to those aged 22 and over and for whom you are providing accredited training.
**Apprentices under the Age of 19, or aged 19 and above but still in their first year of Apprenticeship.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, said: “More than 890,000 of Britain’s lowest-paid workers will gain from these changes. They are appropriate, reflecting the current economic uncertainty, while at the same time protecting the UK’s lowest-paid workers.’

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