Our developers have been working hard to make amendments in order to improve functionality in reconciliations and email.

Take a look to see what we’ve added…


Bank Reconciliation:

The bank reconciliation process has been amended to redress speed issues when attempting to reconcile large amounts of data in the browser.

The system will now display 100 items in a page, so if there is more than this, the reconciliation will automatically show additional pages at the top and bottom of the reconciliation grid.

In order to assist in when a large number of items have been ticked an potential errors have occurred.

The user now has the facility to view, and if necessary roll-back the transactions to the previous reconciliation by clicking on the Rollback previous button. On clicking this a new screen will display showing the batch id and value of previous activity.

The batch ID is actually generated from the start of each bank reconciliation.


Email functionality:

The statement production program has now been updated and statements to customers can now be sent via email.

Documents can now be uploaded and attached with every email, as well as having the ability to ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’ in all emails that go out from Liquid.

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