Having originally developed accounting software for multi-site UK companies with a turnover of £2-20m, Liquid Accounts has evolved from Jon Wright’s work for these companies, so unlike many competing software as a service (SaaS) providers, Liquid Accounts has been scaled down for use by smaller companies – yet has all the additional functionality that much larger businesses may require, now or in future, and these can simply be added on and paid for, but only as and when needed.

Looking at the feature list it is difficult to imagine a scenario where Liquid Accounts would be unable to meet a potential user’s needs. The HR tab gives access to a collection of documents such as employment and health and safety policies produced and maintained by HR specialists.

Efforts have been made to use non-technical language – ‘money collected’ and ‘money to collect’ instead of receipts and debtors, ‘check my statements’ instead of bank reconciliation – although you can change this in the user setup section to revert to traditional accountancy speak. Different users in an organisation can have different menu titles to suit their needs

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