It’s hard to ignore that using online accounting software has become the new norm. Today, businesses are choosing solutions which can be updated without manual input or upgrading costs.

However, that isn’t to say some businesses aren’t resisting the change. Certain individuals believe that bookkeeping software just comes at too heavy a price to their processes to make the change.

So, if you’re torn between the convenience of cloud-based accounting and familiar desktop bookkeeping, here we’re pitting the two against one another. Let’s determine once and for all which works best for modern businesses…

Multi-user vs privacy

Desktop accounting typically involves one user operating the system from either a company laptop or computer. With cloud accounting software, on the other hand, all the data is accessed through online servers. In this circumstance, you and your team can effectively work together when modifying and building records.

For some organisations, the concept of all data being accessible to every user is a sticking point. Most accounting solutions offer a tiered security system to counter this, where users must have authorisation to access certain parts of the software. Having someone within the organisation that’s trusted and competent enough to set all security parameters up can also help allay any stakeholder uneasiness.

Access anywhere vs security

Nowadays, candidates feel it necessary for employers to offer some form of flexible working or ‘work from home’ policy. Having workplace computers as the only gateway to your accounts limits the employees you can recruit. In addition, being able to work anywhere with an internet connection allows accounting teams to bring information to meetings or work additional hours in order to meet deadlines.

Although, this can transform into a security issue without the proper care. Certain businesses worry that, should information be targeted, devices outside of the immediate office are more at risk. But, provided the network is secure enough, this simply isn’t the case.

Cost vs convenience

There are some organisations that prefer not to make monthly payments for subscriptions. Sadly, business accounts software typically comes in this format. However, by choosing cloud services, businesses won’t need to routinely upgrade hardware or concern themselves with purchasing backup storage.

The physical maintenance involved in desktop accounting is rarely considered. Yet, when such costs occur, users will notice the higher expenditure. Online accounting software saves both time, money and effort. New employees won’t need to worry about a lengthy start-up process either, thanks to the lack of an installation process.

Ultimately, cloud accounting services are convenient and scalable. The reason organisations avoid these platforms typically stems from having a legacy system that would struggle to embrace new technology – or a security concern.

At Liquid Accounts, we overcome these concerns by offering secure software which can be tailored to you. We don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions. Our team work with your business to create a platform that delivers to your specifications.

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