PayPal integration 

This new functionality will allow you to put a Pay Me link on the bottom of electronic invoices to enable customers/clients to pay you electronically, by return.

This will help to speed up payment times and reduce your credit control problems, and the associated time spent on chasing money!

To set this new feature up in Liquid Accounts, please follow this process.

Obtain your PayPal API integration credentials from your own PayPal Business account (see here for help on this)

If you do not have a PayPal Business Account, they are quick and easy to set up – click here to get started

Once you have your API integration credentials, go into Company Details settings in Liquid

At the bottom of this settings page – see here for example – you will see “PayPal Details” where you can enter your credentials and tick to enable the PayPal Payment link on invoices

Once this is enabled all invoices you send out electronically will have the Pay Me link at the bottom of the invoice – see example here

If you need assistance with this set up, please contact support via email or phone (0161 413 5050)

Please note – this feature is only available in the latest edition of Liquid Accounts. Using old Liquid? Call 0161 413 5050 to upgrade.

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