New One-Click Email

In v7 of Liquid Accounts we’ve made it quicker and easier for you to email and print your invoices, by introducing one-click email, and putting all the print/email options along the top of the invoice screen.

You now:

  1. Choose your invoice template (if you got more than one template saved) from a drop-down at the top of the invoice screen (this will then be saved as your default template for this invoice  )
  2. Select how many lines per page you’d like on your printed/completed invoice – the default maximum is 10 lines – however you can manually enter any number you like.  (Please be aware though that this may affect how your invoice looks when it’s printed, for example if you have 30 lines on your invoice and choose 10 lines per page your invoice will be printed out over 3 pages and will be formatted and spaced better than if you try to print the whole invoice on 1 page – see Other Frequently Asked Questions below)
  3. Press the email button or print to pdf button
  4. If you choose email, then you’ll now see an email screen (the email address for that customer will automatically be filled in for you) where you can type a message and add an email footer if required.  Simply press send and the invoice and any message will be sent.
  5. If you choose print to pdf, a pdf of the invoice will be created and will open on screen.  You can save this, attach it to an email or print it out to file or post.

Sales Order Processing

These steps also now apply to sales orders (if you have Sales Order Processing as an additional module).  If you use Sales Order Processing you will also notice that the buttons for selecting the type of order (quotation, dispatch, pro-forma etc) have been replaced by tick boxes.  We’ve done this to ensure that you can only select one option at a time.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My invoices are printing with a web address at the top, what should I do?

A. This is a setting in your internet browser on your computer. You need to remove the header and footer from the page settings in your browser (see below).

In Internet Explorer, go to File and select Page Setup. If there is anything in the Header and Footer box, then delete it (this is usually only the URL and the date and not important).

In Firefox, go to File and select Page Setup.  Choose the Margin & Header/Footer tab and ensure that the boxes are set to blank for each section.

Q: My invoices are printing over more than one page, what can I do to stop this?

A: This generally happens if you have a lot of lines per invoice and/or too much text in the detail field for each line.  However, there are several things you can do to make sure that your invoices fit onto one page, or are spaced nicely over more than one page:

When you are ready to print, you need to select the invoice template and then select how many lines you’d like on each page (see New One-Click Email above).  The default maximum is 10 lines, but, you can manually select as many lines as you like.  However, the more lines you choose to have on each page of your invoice, the more likely it is to run over more than one page.

  1. If you do therefore have a lot of lines or a lot of information to include it may be better to select 5 lines per page (rather than 8 or 10) which will then spread the invoice nicely over 2 pages and make sure that the information is properly spaced and formatted.
  2. If however, it’s important that the invoice is on one page, you can try cutting down the amount of detail per line,
  3. Or, you can go into the invoice template and adjust the size of the font

Once you’ve made your adjustments, you can click ‘Print to pdf’ to preview how the invoice will look.

If you need anymore help or information on this or any other technical queries, our Tech Support team will be happy to help, just contact Andrew Marshall on 0845 450 7304, email: andrew.marshall@liquidaccounts.net or skype:liquidaccountsandrew

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