Liquid is helping us enormously. At the end of every month we have an accounting statement for the month that we know is at least 95% correct. Our accountant is also supposed to produce monthly management reports for us, but we haven’t had one for 2009 yet! If we didn’t have Liquid we’d be using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything but that’s unacceptable for a company with 15 employees – you can’t run a business like that! Liquid is tremendous value – in fact, if anything, it’s probably too cheap.

I would expect a package with this sort of functionality to cost at least $100 per user and we’d be happy to pay $2-300 per month for 2 full users. We have 2 other girls who occasionally have to access the information as well, but we’d be happy with that sort of cost. Liquid was the only package that I could instantly start using and changing myself and I could see what I could do with it.

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